Balneoclimatic resort Niška Banja in Serbia

The resort is cheaper than this one, I have never met in my life!

Balneological resort Niška Banja is the second most popular in Serbia. Despite the fact that it looks rather small, the capacity of the resort is 100,000 places. Yes, we ourselves understood that everything is being treated and resting here: from young to old and from everywhere.

Only Russians, except for us, we met once, mostly Serbs and Bulgarians themselves rest at the resort. Of course, not only is it very useful, but also very cheap. The entrance to the thermal pool for a few hours costs just 1.5 euros (200 dinars). Accommodation in the sanatorium Nishka Banya from 28 000 rubles in full board.

But you can live in a private apartment - rooms in private hotels, apartments and rooms are rented throughout the resort. The average cost is 660 dinars (5 euros).

About resort

The Niška Banja is located just 10 kilometers from the center of Niš on the slope of the Mountain Koritnyak. You can arrive at the resort by bus number 1. Only 4,000 people live in this place, but the eye is several times more - these are all tourists and patients.

Nishka Banya, as a settlement, has existed since ancient times, even the Romans knew about the healing properties of thermal water, which here makes its way to the keys and flows in streams, so for Constantine the Great there were built baths - terms. Then this resort was developed by the Turks. They rested in Niška Banja on the way from Istanbul via Sofia to Belgrade.

This is an old bath, where they are now conducting procedures. Left and right hot pools for men and women separately, they do physiotherapy and mud applications.

Central alley of the resort. Only 300 meters. Every evening vacationers walk on it: back and forth, back and forth 😊

Police car.

At the beginning of the last century, studies were conducted and it was found that the Nishkobane waters have a very high healing potential for wide indications. They not only have a beneficial effect on the joints and skin, but also heal the nerves - there are radon baths in Nishka Banya.

Most of the beautiful buildings built on the resort around the 30s of the last century.

Sanatorium hotel "Terme".

The resort has only three restaurants and three bars - we all visited them. Out of pure curiosity. One of them is called "Letna pame".

Now in Nishka Banya there are only three hotels belonging to the sanatorium "Institute Nishka Banya", and two more large ones are empty. A lot of other hotels do not belong to the institute, but patients lodge.

Old "palaces".

Main Post Office.

The church was built in the last century.

Resort Park. Local air is considered useful for pulmonary patients.

This is a map of therapeutic walks around the resort.

Source of cold mineral water in the center of the resort on the alley. Called "Three Kings".

Here rent rooms and apartments.

Serbia is not a member of the European Union.

Closed hotel.

In Serbia, a lot of old and rare cars.

Panoramic playground.

Nishka Banya offers five types of mineral water and one of them is cold, as well as mud and gas treatment. Hot mineral water has a temperature of 36-38 ° C.

This is an artificially made thermal river - a hot mineral water runs along it, and everyone who desires is immersed in her feet, while the little ones are bathing in their entirety. All this is completely free.

We really liked the resort for its strange former beauty, simplicity, affordability and usefulness. Moreover, the Russian visa to Serbia is not needed.

Otherwise, I write about Bulgaria - just Serbia next to Sofia 😊

All the photos were taken by me personally in one Sofia autumn.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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With love from Bulgaria @varya-davydova

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