Baby Vihaan Portraits

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.” ― Robert Brault

It's just the simple things in life that give us the biggest pleasures.. I was out on a ride and got a call from a client who wanted me to capture some shots of their kid during his 1st year birthday party.. I was exhausted with the ride already and wasn't sure if I wanted to take up the shoot.. But still went ahead and took it up as this year hasn't been good to me work wise..

I reached there only to realise it was a very small function as the family wasn't very well to do.. I capture few shots of the kid and the event and gave the pictures to the parents.. I have this thing which me and my team do every year, where in we cover an event absolutely free for a client who isn't well to do.. And that's what i did here.. The family and kid were so lively and content with what they had and wanted to have best memories with their kid.. They were shocked when I refused to take payment and equally happy..

Why I did this when my own financial situation is bad?? Well, like I said earlier, sometimes the small little things you do for others will bring greater joys in you future.. Go put a smile on someone's face and you will feel how happy you start to feel about yourself..

Here is a set of photo I clicked on burst mode:

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