Big Hug Burger - Malaysia

Just realised that I had more pictures from this place.. Like I said in my earlier post, it was the first time I used my steem to purchase food.. It was a fun and delicious experience..

The restaurant was lovely too and they had teddy bears all around the sitting area which we could hug and sit with.. Wonder when someone will come up with such a concept in India..

Till then, enjoy the pictures:

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Aw. These are such good memories @varunpinto

Unfortunately BHB is officially closed due to change of course of life for our owner and fellow Steemian @danielwong

But they have a food truck now. Next round when you guys visit, let's go visit his truck!

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04.09.2019 23:38

oh.. that's sad..

But looking at the positive side, aren't food trucks really amazing?? Surely gonna make it a point to visit Malaysia soon just for this..

05.09.2019 21:39

Yay! We get to see you guys again! And yes! It will be a lot easier too because now @danielwong can have the option to move around showcasing his cuisine!

06.09.2019 02:09

Thank you for the update! Varun and I were just discussing about our meetup in Malaysia, the visit to Big Hug and these pictures tonight. I hope to be back in KL within a year and visit the new food truck. Wouldn't leave KL without it. But i think I will see you all sooner at Thailand. :D

05.09.2019 22:33

Haha. Definitely @firepower . Let's Yam Seng again there. Any Malaysian snacks you would like us to bring over? I'll ket the SF4 #teammalaysia know in our discord. 😋

06.09.2019 02:08