Call for proposals: Write an article with a tentative headline "6 things that make tomorrow nothing like today"

  • the idea that technologies are transforming our world so that the next decades will be completely different in any respect and any industry.
  • argue that our children and their lives will not just be different, they will be a completely different species, almost biologically.
  • explore what needs to be done in terms of education (both parental and that of children - informing, training, reinventing), upbringing, etc. The need for awareness and dialog.
  • what do we need to stop doing that doesn't work or will be irrelevant.
  • explore specific areas that will be different, e.g. our children will not need (to learn) to drive - autonomous cars; they will no go to college; they will travel to space; parents will be able to choose their children's' traits, skillset, etc. (designer babies); the children themselves will have access to abundant resources, capital, capabilities. What possibilities, responsibilities and threats do all of these create or pose?
  • explore main advancements, research, products relevant to the above (existing and in the lab)


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