❗Hello stemmians❗🌹, today I bring you a somewhat curious and informative post, in which I will tell you about the mudlarks a profession of very old years ago that maybe some do not know or did not know that it existed, I hope you like the post and what enjoy







libros.gifWe are located in London, about 1865. Epidemics and misery abound in the British capital, ordinary people seek to survive the hunger and plagues that constantly plagued the London capital, due to the unhealthy conditions in which they lived their population.

Within the framework of this panorama, what arose at the time was considered a profession; the mudlarks.

The mudlarks, or mud-pickers, were people who were looking for valuables (coins, silverware, jewelry, etc.) in the intricate system of London's underground sewers. It is estimated that a high percentage of the population and even entire families were engaged in this activity.

The work of the mud pickers basically consisted of digging up the rotten waste from the sewers, in order to find any valuable item that could be sold later on the black market. This activity turned out to be an attractive source of income, especially for children and adolescents of the time, although there were also complete families who were engaged in this activity.

But not everything was beneficial, because the exercise of this trade could have deadly consequences. First, the sewage system lacked the necessary ventilation, which caused the gases of the decomposed waste to concentrate, making the little oxygen lethal

Also, there was no lighting inside the sewers nor were there any maps of them, so it was very easy to get lost within the system. On several occasions, it is missing people who were never found.

Imagine for a moment being in a narrow tunnel, full of excrement and all kinds of waste, breathing a totally toxic air, lit only with a small candle, knowing that when the light of this is extinguished, they will be lost forever.

But not only the mudlarks, they worked in the sewers. There were others, professions associated with the pipe system such as sewers, which were dedicated to clearing sewers, excrement collectors, who collected human and animal biological wastes to transfer them to farms where they were subsequently converted into fertilizer; and finally there were the catches of rats, which were hired by the city to hunt rats in the sewer system to prevent the spread of these rodents who were primarily responsible for most of the epidemics that hit London at that time.libro.gif

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vaporwave (2).gifAnd here the post of stemmians today, I hope you found it interesting and enjoyed it very much, without a doubt this profession is quite peculiar and is something that adds to the great history that humanity has in this world, see you in another postsave wave.gif

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