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❗Hello stemmians❗🌹, today I come to bring you another post about a rather curious place located in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, which has been a place of quite interesting and curious stories and in this post we will see what it is and what has been this place.

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mundo.gifThe ussian city of Novosibirsk is famous for hosting museums of various kinds. But it was in May of 2012 that this metropolis witnessed the birth of the most peculiar of its museums, it is the Death Museum or Museum of world funeral culture.

This enclosure belongs to the crematorium complex of the city, which has several buildings and squares where you can see, for example, carious funeral homes from different periods and other mortuary objects.

The crematorium is characterized by offering complete funeral services according to the religious beliefs of the users. These services include requests as eccentric as sending the ashes of the deceased or deceased to space.

The museum houses thousands of exhibits that include engravings and postcards referring to the theme of death, mortuary dresses from the 19th and 20th centuries, works of art inspired by the hereafter, funeral cars etc.

In addition, this large necro gallery is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Some of the exhibits of greatest interest to visitors are dioramas or scale models with representations of funeral scenes from various parts of the world such as an old autopsy room, mourning dresses, the farewell of a family to a deceased child, all the figures are reproduced in detail, even on the faces of some of the exhibition dummies, tears and real expressions of pain and sadness can be seen.

In 2014, the museum hosted the event called “Museum Night”. Among the many activities that took place that night, visitors had the opportunity to live the chilling experience of being inside a coffin. The attraction was that the participants had to enter the replica of the Czarevna or Zarevna Muerta's glass coffin, who is the main character in the story of Russian author Alexander Puskin entitled "The dead zarevna and the seven warriors" and that is basically the Russian version of the famous story of rfs.</a> (5).gif
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libro.gifIf you are attracted to the issues related to death and one day you pass through the city of Novosibirsk, be sure to visit this unique museum.fantasma.gif (68).gifAnd so far today’s stemians post, I hope you liked it and enjoyed it a lot, what did you think of the post? Did you know about this place? Leave me your comment with your opinion, I hope you are well, and see you in another postalicewonder.gif


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