Steem Basic Income: a good investment opportunity?

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Steem Basic Income

Is a initiative to give steemians the option to get a passive income. You get on it by being referred or refer someone and yourself by sending some STEEM to the SBI account, @steembasicincome. For some more background check out this informative post.

Steem Basic Income


As @steemace enrolled me, I thought an experiment might be fun; I am going to delegate some SP to see if SBI works for me and my long term income goals. Plus, it seems a worthwhile investment in the platform itself: it might stimulate people to start using STEEM.


Still keeping my fingers crossed for a bright future for STEEM...
If anyone wants to join me, please leave a comment and I will sign up the first 3 persons that upvote and resteem this post AND leave a comment that says they want SBI.

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♨️ Steem on and prosper!

money, money it's a rich mans world

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If you post consistently, be sure to wait until your SBI upvotes stabilize before evaluating.

Delivery is different than most things you might be used to:

21.08.2019 12:08