I can't keep doing this!


A previous time when I was in London I posted my double wield selfie: Sony v3 and i small rangefinder (fed3 or Yashica, don't recall) and now I am back in Londonium, taking photos if buildings, pigeons and tourists. And I am using two cameras again! Looking like a younger, more attractive incarnation (ahum🤣) of Miroslav Tichy.
Trusty V3 with IR filter, for extra dystopian shots of the big city... And a canon dial, little 35mm half frame with motordrive (!!!), speed priority and zone focussing. Good for "candid" photography 🤫)

I'll do a more in-depth post on the canon dial, hopefully next week. Every time i go to London, i I dislike it more: the noise, the crowds, the smell. I don't like cities at all.

Going to see some photos by Cindy Sherman at the National Portrait Gallery.

![Vander Impromptu

escape the urban sprawl and *steem on!*

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