Addictive tokens and tribes!


So lot of stuff happening

Palnet, steemleo, steemninja; it is hard to keep up with it all! The coinciding of these three things has cost me a lot of voting power 😅😳
As you can see from the screen shot...

what did I do?

First of all, I powered up all my PALcoin and bought 1eth/725 STEEM worth of it and powered that up as well! I really believe PAL will benefit the STEEM community in the long run, so I happily put my money where my mouth is!

Second, I delegated 2k of SP to steemninja to get between 20-50 INV tokens in 14 days. Although I spent a lot of money on SP, I am still a dolphin and don't have enough RC to create accounts... I want to invite friends and family and will happily delegate them some SP to get started ( these accounts won't have the 15 SP delegation to start with!).

Thirdly, I received 2261 leo, 1 Leo for every pal I had staked! I quickly powered up all my leo: I try to make a money/wealth/investment post every Wednesday and I think leo might help to increase its reach and rewards!

Steemengine is a very interesting addition to the steem eco system and I look forward to its potential for growth acceleration and investment opportunities!

![Vander Impromptu

steem on and prosper! ♨️

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You put your money where you believe something will happen.

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05.07.2019 20:42