Gath3r — Monetize with a difference!

Gath3r An Introduction: Gath3r comes as a savior for all the content creators and bloggers who publish their stuffs. It also gives a helping hand to other blockchain projects which shares a similar medium like Gath3r. It is considered as the best solution for a user friendly experience and allows user to earn thereby providing security features for small projects built on block chain technology.

In Browser and Merged Mining: In the blockchain technology it becomes difficult to make the projects reliable for safety transactions, reason being the creation of huge number of nodes. This can be safe to an extent of approximately 51% attack . Gath3r has provided an high end solution to this problem by enabling users to mine more than one asset with similar algorithms simultaneously. Hence the upcoming projects coming in the future can make use of Gath3r’s hashpower access to make their projects more secured.

Masternodes and Lite Nodes: Masternodes in simple words are used for high end data processing which might have intensive full nodes.Lite nodes are inturn used for smaller transactions which might end up in usage of specific processes.These specific categories allows user to have inbuilt browser integrations based on performance requirements.

Monetization used in the current day: We should agree the fact that the mostly used monetization formats are advertisements and subscription channels. However these models have their own flaws which is yet to be rectified or upgraded with a better option.

Gath3r The Future of Monetization: Gath3r will provide the opportunity for website owners ,publishers and bloggers to earn while they blog also providing them a great end user experience.

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