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Marketfriday | Otaru Hokkaido, Japan

Hey there friends and followers.

This is my entry for #marketfriday hosted by @dswigle


Two months ago I stayed in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan for about 1 week. During the holidays, I traveled to Otaru Market. Is an important port city of Hokkaido Not far from Sapporo, can travel in just 30 minutes, making it a popular tourist city.




Otaru Market, a collection of the best Otaru food and fresh seafood The seafood here is a great highlight because it is both fresh and new. There are so many choices Plus inexpensive There are also many prepared restaurants. Including all the famous products of the city.


A lot of fresh food I bought many things Not to be missed is the Golden King Crab that must be purchased every time. Very large body Some are weighing tens of kilograms. That I like to eat because the meat is tight and sweet Mostly I will bring to grill. Or put crab meat in soup Will get a mellow sweet taste

I spend about an hour walking in the market. And here are the photo that I took whit my camera





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