Enchanteur Sensation Perfume Fragrance

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Enchanteur Sensation Perfume Fragrance Spray (150ml)
Enchanteur Sensation Fragrance Spray (150ml) is extracted from nature and passionate French fragrance, characterized not only helps to prevent body odor, create a feeling of comfort, dryness but also brings a seductive fragrance. Glamor gives you more confidence. Enchanteur Charming perfume deodorant spray not only helps prevent body odor, creates a sense of comfort, dryness, but also brings a seductive aroma for you to be more confident.

Enchanteur deodorant spray is specially formulated to prevent odor, giving a dry, pleasant feeling for 24 hours.

The scent of French perfume captures the sensual fragrance for a long time, helping you always feel confident, comfortable and energetic all day long.


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