Doraemon Long Stories Episode 21.


Doraemon - Long Stories - Episode 21 - Nobita And The Winged Heroes (2014)
This is the adventure of the adorable Doraemon Cat and his friends Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo and Jaian to the bird kingdom, after they saved Gusuke - the bird-boy boy in distress in the human world. Here, they have tried in the flight competition, which is the courage, to cope with new and difficult things. Gusuke from a young boy who couldn't fly, had to use a plane instead, but when Nobita was in trouble, he had the courage to spread his wings for the first time, overcoming the obsession for years. Doraemon friends group for friendship, affection for the birds world without sacrificing their lives to fight alongside them. A children's book, but the lesson it brings is profound, poignant.

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