Talk About Your Hobby | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 05 / Video games the best way to drain stress

Good evening everyone, I would like to leave here my entry to my first Steem Sri Lanka contest.
I invite my dear friend @ alejos7ven this contest was proposed by @sandun98.
I would like to invite @blackstar12, @naime46 and @germani34 . rules

Well my hobby is and are video games, but they are not the typical shooting games or killing monsters, I am more of the quiet games of strategies, thoughtful and creative. One of my favorite games and the one that I have come to present to you is a very common one called Minecraft.


It is a game that I have been dedicating and enjoying easily for more than 11 years, it is part of my childhood and currently part of my adolescence, I like to play it since my imagination is my only limit as it is a simple game of cubes I can create complex mechanisms I can make giant structures and that's just the point of the mountain

It would be difficult to tell how long I have been dedicating to the game since it depends a lot on the free hours that I have since I mostly play it to calm my mind and overcome moments of stress or mental chaos.


Being a game of its kind (Sambox) has no age limit, therefore its benefits are very much both at a creative level and at an analytical level, I play in something called technical Minecraft that specializes in exploiting the greatest capacity of the game It is the way to create mechanisms at the point of blocks. You can make a computer, clock, camera, etc. As I said, the mind is the only limit since thanks to having added a binary system (1 and 0) it is a way that even a simple engineer can take advantage of its full potential


It helped me in my math studies since when creating something in Minecraft I have to visualize it and of course calculate its dimensions to know the amount of materials blocks I have to use, it is a Hobby that I like not only because it is a game but also a way to be able to create everything my mind cannot draw

Good luck to everything and thank you!

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oh! video games are good, even I prefer to play on phone. good post brother glad to see you here

31.03.2021 03:38

If the technician in minecraft is very fine, literally points to that I learn binary xd literal and known architects and engineers who have their own worlds that have design and structures that thanks to their knowledge are Mega great

31.03.2021 11:23

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31.03.2021 09:57

I had heard about minecraft but I really didn't think that minecraft is this much interesting game. Thank you for sharing your experience on minecraft.

Good luck with the contest

Thank you so much for your participation. This is entry No.33

31.03.2021 13:25

Some times I also play game in my mobile, it makes my time more enjoyable. Best of luck for your entry.

31.03.2021 17:30