Contest About Your Favorite Operating System !

!!!WINDOWS !!!

Hello everyone, I have come to leave my participation in the @zero-to-infinity contest on my favorite operating system, the one that invited me was @alejos7ven. I have tried almost all operating systems at least 1 time in my life, both on the phone and on the computer. Currently, I am a 100% pc user, it is not that I do not like telephones but the comfort and diversity that the desktop computer offers me wins by A lot of

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Windows, an operating system that uses almost 60% of the planet at home among all those that I have tried is the one that I like the most, among those that I have analyzed are Linux, Mac and variants of Windows itself. The system gives me a lot of ease for the part of compatibility with almost any program that I have to use both to study and to work today

I find the interface very pleasant, I am not in favor of having many options but something more minimalist, I am also a gamer, so to download games without having to add an extra file to make it work on my computer is excellent


Its performance is very good and its customization works for me 10/10 since depending on the moment or the resources I need I can customize them so that it works for me at that moment. I find Windows so simple for those who do not know much about the computer as I am customizable for those who know the subject, the possibilities are only limited to the imagination since the interface is adaptable together with the software

In addition to bringing you different versions or variants of Windows that are created by the community depending on the characteristics of your pc or if you want certain features or remove some of them. it is something that adapts and helps in any need that one needs

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Nice to read you post . I also use windows .

Keep posting and Stay with our community .

Thank you

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Glad to see you here ;)

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