MocktailSwap: A revolutionary AMM



MocktailSwap Finance is a Defi project that was designed with wonderful features without precedent. It is the pioneer semi-fungible platform on Binance Smart Chain with AMM features that will provide maximised investment returns to its investors through financial services like lending and borrowing, vault compounding, yield farming and staking.

The management team is made up of professionals with wide experience in Defi blockchain and Smart contract techniques.

The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain because of its speed and lower fee charge on transactions. This will help in realising the motive of the project, which centers on maximising the returns on the users investment. Although the BSC level does not match that of Etherum for now, but will become great in the nearest future.

Its main features are:

Trading - Exchange of two tokens on the BSC.
Earn - Staking and Farming of MOK tokens in the Liquidity Pools.



Each Defi platform has a token that is built on it for all transactions done on the platform. MOK is the token of the MocktailSwap Finance platform.

MOK is the pioneer semi-fungible token on Binance Smart Chain.
MOK is a BEP-20 Etherum based token.


This is the exchange, transfer or transacting of two BEP-20 tokens on the platform of MocktailSwap. The transaction is charged a 0.2% fee. This fee is splitted into two and used as follows:

0.17% is used for settling the rewards for the Liquidity providers.
0.03% is transferred to the Development Reserve for future developments.


MocktailSwap Liquidity pool is a platform of making money for its users. There are two types of LP in the MocktailSwap Finance protocol.

Farming Pool

The users can deposit MOK/BNB tokens to receive MOK-BNB FLIP tokens equivalent to their deposit. These FLIP tokens are thereafter staked for rewards. Farming pools include:


Staking Pools

Users deposit MOK tokens in this pool to earn rewards. The pools are:

MOK Pools
BNB Pools
BUSD Pools
WBNB Pools

The LP are rewarded from the transaction fees charged on the pool. A Liquidity Provider can also withdraw his/her asset whenever desired.

The provided tokens are likely to be exposed to temporary risks, but it is better to deposit them in an AMM than to keep them dormant in personal wallets.

Controlling MOK Supply

Presently, there are no measures to control the supply of MOK tokens. This exposes it to inflation effects, leaving a serious concern to the community, but the management is not planning to introduce any supply measure in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, there are measures aimed at making MocktailSwap products deflation higher than emission. This will cause the amount of MOK in circulation to be lower than the produced MOK. Thus,

Reducing Block Emissions

This is the reduction of the quantity of MOK tokens made in a block in order to slow inflation. The company has successfully tried this before and reduced produced MOK from 1 to 0.65 per block, but this will not be a continuous process rather they will sensitise people to provide liquidity

Deflationary Techniques

This involves buying back MOK tokens from the users and creating various MocktailSwap products in order to improve the value of the platform.


This is a set of procedures involved in the establishment of the MocktailSwap project. It include:

Full Site Rework

Creating homepage
Personal dashboard
Improved UX
Faster site
Navigation system
Mobile friendly sites.

Staking MOK

MOK Staking
Core pools
Community pools

Other Products

Voting (core feature)
Initial Farm Offering (IFO)
Fixed - term staking
NFT Gamification
Margin Trading
Lending and borrowing
NFT Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions

Most users usually ask the following questions:

What is Staking ?

This involves depositing MOK tokens in the pool. Depositors receives DRINK tokens as proof of stake. The DRINK tokens can be staked for rewards in the Staking Pool.

Can I sell my DRINK ?

DRINK tokens cannot be sold or exchanged. They needed to unstake the MOK.

Is Staking different from Farming?

Farming involves provision of liquidity to one of the farming pools on the page and then staking LP tokens.

Staking does not involve provision of liquidity. Only to stake MOK.

Each of them has its merits and demerits.


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