We Are All Conspiracy Theorists Now: Takimag on Epstein


The known story from Jim Goad published a couple days ago on Taki's Magazine.

Best overview I've seen if you need to quickly get up to speed. Comprehensive and incisive.

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Conspiracy? The elites in the Western world have not changed for the next 300 years. Presidents have changed, but the general course has not changed. The families that governed did not change. There is no conspiracy. There are external changes and the rule of people by inheritance. The usual behavior of the aristocracy.

22.08.2019 08:22

"The usual behaviour of the aristocracy."

That is the definition of conspiracy.

22.08.2019 19:26

What is the plot? Your power is inherited. In capitalism, capital = power. We can talk about equal opportunities - a lie! One boy attended a school for the poor. He didn’t have money to go to university and went to work at McDonald’s, then somehow opened his own business.
Another boy studied with the best teachers in the country. He studied at the most elite school. He studied at the best university in the country. To start his own business, his father gave 100 million dollars to start. Of course they are absolutely equal)))

22.08.2019 22:51

" In capitalism, capital = power."

It's never that simple. Money is not wealth, nor power. It's a veil behind which actual wealth (which includes power) is concealed. The machinations of corruption are not deployed by money alone, but through myriad foetid pathways that corrupt all the values men have. You could as easily have said 'Rent = money', but then I would point out that my rent is not paid in money this month, the next, or the month after.

Epstein did not inherit money. He extorted it. Most of his wealth didn't derive from money, but corruption. The world is not so simple as political placards declare.

23.08.2019 14:32

An exception only confirms the rule.

23.08.2019 16:23

I want know why in this day when this man was died ... did not camera work???
Exactly that day.... you not think this looks funny :))) I want see video how he was hang there... but I not see... so I not want hear some others stories more ... I know this man was eliminated. He had lot BIG NAMES WHAT LOT CAN USE.

22.08.2019 09:09

The absence of evidence is not evidence of it's absence. It's evidence of conspiracy, which depends on concealing the actions and actors doing evil. The lack of camera evidence is evidence of murder.

That evidence leads to USAG William Barr, who was ultimately responsible for Epstein's death, as the party responsible for protecting Epstein while held captive.


22.08.2019 19:29

Funny how many of them end up living not too far from each other. There are many elite families with properties in similar neighborhoods all over the place. Right now there are events taking place that we will only skim the surface of 40 years down the road. Always been that way and I doubt this will change.

22.08.2019 12:12

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22.08.2019 17:32

Not sure I agree that we'll only know decades down the road, as surveillance tech continues to burgeon, and trickles down to individuals faster and faster. Already, despite tyrannical governments not having completely implemented facial recognition tech globally, which they are rolling out, free individuals have gained that tech themselves, some anonymous dev having released to the public an app that compares faces of porn actresses to social media pics.

The more advanced tech gets, the faster it disperses, and the more power individuals gain over institutions. Consider the power gained over individuals by government from facial recognition compared to the power gained over covert actors individuals gain from that same tech. As individually owned cameras capture faces of covert actors and communities share that info, those actors are identified more often, and can be detected before they commit criminal acts against people.

That same power is not gained by government.

Wealth is described as being of independent means, and decentralization of means of production is enabling more people to gain that independence. Decentralization is literally wealth. Independence enables individuals to not be subject to criminal depredations by those who they would otherwise depend on.

Freedom and prosperity is coming ever faster, and this event reveals that even as it reveals that it isn't yet achieved.

22.08.2019 19:45

More of the usual cover up tactics from the establishment. Of course, all surveillance was down that day, no witnesses, etc. It's just like 9/11, Pearl Harbor, or any other cover up of a false flag, assassination, or whatever.
Billionaires just don't go around "offing" themselves and a man with the wealth and connections of Jeffrey Epstein has more than likely made powerful friends as well as powerful enemies during the course of his life and business dealings. In the realm of pure speculation, I'm going to ignore the official story and instead, wager my bet on two different possible outcomes:
1) With the federal indictment already handed down, his trial would have blown the lid off of the wealthy's pedophile ring(s) and could very well expose more prominent individuals in high places that did not want to be exposed. Those same people have the financial resources, connections, and influence that could reach Epstein in incarceration, thus silencing him for good and insuring that he did not expose their perversions any further...
Any guard or number of guards could have been accomplished the task, being paid very handsomely for their services.
2) With Epstein's own resources and connections, he could have financed his own cover up, faked suicide, and simply disappeared to another private island somewhere in the world. Who knows, some of his powerful friends could have assisted him in making a deal. In exchange for his release, he would have agreed to leave the country and disappear from public life for the rest of his natural life. Sure, it sounds far-fetched, but still totally within the realm of probability. A man with hundreds of millions is capable of doing just about anything to save his own neck...
I'd be interested in hearing feedback from other Steemians and their take on it

22.08.2019 15:27

I would go along with 2.

22.08.2019 19:26

Who of his competitors and 'clients' (victims of extortion) wanted him alive? How much money would they accept to allow that risk of further revelation and continued extortion to continue? No one, least of all the USG, whose political alliances with Israel and the UK were highly vulnerable to revelations of complicity certain to be revealed in Epstein's trial, wanted Epstein, or could tolerate, him to live.

He's dead, and only his victims and advocates of truth in government lament that fact - however ironically.


22.08.2019 19:34

I agree. He's definitely dead, but not by his own hand. Jake Morphonios is doing an excellent exposé on his youtube channel that is delving deeper into who all the players are behind the scenes. I've always enjoyed Jake's investigative research and I recommend it to you and anyone else that wants to continue their quest for the truth.

23.08.2019 03:43

Thanks for linking that article.

I didn't know the cameras being turned off and the guards "falling asleep" for 3 hours was part of the official story. Also, they flip flop and say there is a video but no one's allowed to see it? The movie Idiocracy get's more accurate every year.

22.08.2019 16:21

President Hector 'Macho' Camacho rulez!

22.08.2019 19:35

Good find!
Jim Goad is worth listening to!

22.08.2019 16:30