Torture and You

It's likely that most people aren't aware of their actions that support and enable torture to be undertaken by their authority to govern. Some few also probably think torture is acceptable, while others may not care.

All of them are just as at risk of torture as those presently subjected to it.

When their kids are taken by torturers, they will suddenly care, and perhaps even clamor for it to end. It is too late when the torturers come for you and yours to speak up.

Speak up now to end it, so that neither you nor those you love suffer it.

I have been tortured in ways described in this video, and others as well. I do not agree I have the right to torture for any reason, and I never will. No one else does either. If there is one thing that is ubiquitously agreed upon by organizations espousing the rights of civilians, it is that torture violates human rights. There is no lawful torture, and never has been. It is always a criminal act, and failing to prevent it is a crime.

Torture is ongoing today in America. It is happening every day to perhaps millions of people that are subjected to treatment that is illegal to do to animals. It is done to children, senior citizens, and the innocent and guilty alike.

Act, or sooner or later you will personally be sorry you did not. If you fail to end it and then are impacted by it personally, you will discover that nothing was more important in your life, and nothing you regret will be more poignant than your failure to act to end torture.

End it. Now. By any means available, by every effort possible, if only to save yourself.

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Posting videos like this one and writing to the best of your ability so as to spread an awareness of what is happening is, basically, all you can do.

Do not stop.

03.09.2019 20:12

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