The Truth Factory Speaks for the Children

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good post bud
do you know that half the people who did security or did businuss with the clintons are dead or in jail
we really have to stop voting for satanic criminals or we will get what we deserve since we dont know how to go about getting what we want
have a great day VC and ihope all is well

16.10.2019 16:17

One of the most curious things pointed out in the video is that James Alefantis was named as the 49th most influential person, and his only officially recognized job is running a pizza parlor. He's all about some sketchy back alley political shit, that's kept secret. In the interview with the journalist, he states he doesn't even like kids. Well, no one that likes kids sells them into sex slavery, so I'm not surprised.

Notably, he threatened to kill the journalist that tried to interview him. Personally, given the survival rate of Clinton associates you mentioned, I'd take that as a highly credible threat. Involvement with these perps is dangerous as hell.

16.10.2019 20:30

lol pizza parlour (pizzagate) gp figure
are you a voter VC
i have never voted and never will and being friends with psycopaths and sociopaths is terrible and voting for them is even worse lol
have a great evening sir

17.10.2019 02:18

I remember hearing about how influential the guy is, aaaannnnd I’m going how, well the only logical answer is that he probably serious dirt on other very influential folks.

01.11.2019 06:28