The Most Compelling Use for Blockchain: Artificial Memories are now a Weapon

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folks might want to start looking into dropping off the grid and/or going Galt.

07.09.2019 20:10

I talk to them every day. However I don't think we'll need to, nor does ceding the battlefield to the enemy grant victory, although it can. I am expecting this tech to leak, and become available sooner rather than later, as I see that the more tech advances the faster it disperses, and the greater power it avails individuals versus institutions.

What is frightening about this is that covert ops certainly attained this tech long before it has become public, and it is pretty much able to be employed remotely. Even if we forever swore to not employ any tech that could transmit optogenetic signals, covert ops could deploy them against our will - and apparently without our recollection of it after.

I have long considered the plethora of threats to the well being and understanding of free people to require substantial defenses, and have feared they would not eventuate. This remains the case. However, when this leaks and becomes available to the public, it is very likely that specific defenses to this method will also. Noise is pretty easy to introduce such that it degrades a signal, particularly signals dependent on exquisite spedificity for successful deployment.

Let's hope so. If it's not, the end is indeed nigh.


07.09.2019 22:42

or does ceding the battlefield to the enemy grant victory,

it does make striking from stealth easier, provided a person hadn't already been tagged as an "anti-government activist"

iirc, it may be an indicator to look at someone more closely if they have been active in social media, and then suddenly go dark

otoh, somebody that was smart would have compartmentalized their online political presence a long time ago...someone smart =/= me

I don't think the end is near; I think we will see a continuous screwing down of one racthet at a time, one degree higher every year, etc

07.09.2019 22:50

Wonder if there is a connection to the Mandela affect I hear so many talk of. Might explain some of those reports.

08.09.2019 01:15

Indeed, the Mandela effect might be a symptom of such abuse.

09.09.2019 04:27

The use of blockchain will probably always be an eternal argument between privacy and transparency.

I'm tempted to put my entire life story on it in the interest of maintaining truth and accuracy, however someone else will invariably be tempted to use that same information against me in some way.

Hopefully we as individuals can choose the right levels of compromise in the cards we play and/or hide without throwing away our entire hands.

08.09.2019 01:48

Most scifi, suspense, or horror films and books don't do a thing for me.
Topics like this, the movie The Matrix, and everything in between are able to freak me right out. Hits too close to home, feels too real, reminds you how little you understand your reality.

08.09.2019 04:08

Let's you look a bit through reallife matrix.. ^^

08.09.2019 05:04

Indeed... it gets stranger every day...
Maybe we can still save some "Life"...
sane Life... real Life...
Mind, Body and Soul...
The only way to go for Life....
The other way is the technology Trap, and
Humans becoming a "battery"...

08.09.2019 09:38

Technology is just tools. How we use them makes them traps, or salvation.

09.09.2019 04:29

True. We run tings, not tings run we ;)

09.09.2019 14:52

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