On the Origins of 2019nCoV, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler; Links and Excerpts

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Do you mean that China deliberately leaked the corona virus to the world to make germ warfare weapons?
I think it is possible. When Japan lost to the United States in World War II, they tried to attack the germ weapons against the United States.

Japan built 731 units in Manchuria in preparation for war with the United States, China, the Soviet Union, and conducted germ warfare experiments using Koreans, Chinese, Soviets, Mongolians, Manchus, and Americans as experimental humans.

Koreans are therefore afraid of the cruelty of the Japanese. Is China trying to imitate Japan's war crimes?

09.02.2020 08:32

I cannot make that judgement myself. Dr. Lyons-Weiler dismisses the possibility Kung Flu is a bioweapon as unlikely, because it isn't a very good bioweapon. He find the best likelihood is that it was being developed to enable a vaccine, and escaped from the lab somehow.

While China and other polities have provably committed horrible crimes against humanity, honestly there is no point in focusing on blame. Rather, what will help people survive today is understanding how this virus came about so that better treatment can be provided to those it attacks, and better ways of preventing people from becoming infected can be undertaken.

He details specific things we should do to lower the R0 below 1, which will stop the spread of the disease.


09.02.2020 20:30

This is a perfect cover story for removing vast numbers of undesireables in China.

Watch the masses huddle in fear.

Amazing times, indeed.

Also watch what happens on the cruise ships, if they cover that up, or there are significant fatalities outside of China, then this virus may warrant some concern.

From where I sit, this appears to be a massive show of force.

09.02.2020 13:14