Mustang - Part IV

This is a reply I made @logiczombie on @practicalthought's recent post, but edited to stand alone as a post.

Humanity are entirely actually animals. We are subject to the biological imperatives that mandate behaviour in all species, from the lowliest Archaea to ourselves. The formation of societies in H. sapiens is extraordinarily complex not only due to our eusociality and hypersexuality, but because of extensive hybridization with hominid species that weren't either. We often neglect that our behaviour is every bit as instinctive as every other animal, and our reason allows but individual expression of behaviour that is within the parameters our hybrid heritage avails us, but this is indeed the case.

Geopolitically, we can observe trivially that multigenerational thought has been given this, and that cultural variability humanity features, unmatched in nature, is deliberately modulated in order to achieve the ends of bankster cabals that tend to sociopathy as political power depends on this more than any other feature. I write on decentralization and technological advance, but what I do not often address is that behaviour genetically determined is prone to alteration through genetic engineering. While CRISPR is availed to most of humanity today, for generations well funded private research has sought means of delivering the control of human behaviour via every conceivable mechanism, which now includes this vector, and strong evidence indicates that efforts are underway presently to do exactly that.

It is clear that the globalist blueprint for their utopian civilization rests on totalitarian collectivism, and the alarming existential drop in testosterone in the West in the last few generations reveals that evolutionary change fundamental to enabling absolute enslavement of a drone caste of humanity subject to royal prerogative is not only begun, but far advanced towards successful completion. Once all previous individuals expire, the generations that express desired traits engineered for that purpose will then wholly be able to be functionally corralled and maximally profitable to the breeders.

I note that it is impossible for this transition to simply succeed without myriad clusters of fuck, and wild sports will persist, armed with decentralized means of production, rationally competent to plan and achieve independent communities that persist absent trade, integration, or even acknowledgement in the global society.

There will be war. The globalists have the weight of history on their side, practically all the resources of the world in their grasp, and totalitarian control of society is effected to varying degrees around the world, and they expect to succeed. It is demonstrable that no limit to the means they are willing to use to achieve their goal exists. Nothing indicates their execution of this transformation of humanity will fail.

But it will. Humanity will retain it's breadth of heritable behaviours, that diversity in particular that is not eusocial, but capable of independent thought and action. From traitors in their midst, to random spontaneous geniuses that covertly effect independent infrastructure to secure the survival of these strains of humanity, chaotic interference with completion of the transcendence to a single species will persist indefinitely. I am reasonably confident that this is an essential component of the globalist plans.

I don't reckon we who desire our posterity to be capable of freedom, of independent thought, and breeding itself, should depend on this theory. The proper role of philosophy is to inform action. I recommend strongly that folks undertake means of individual production of goods and services essential to their survival directly, without delay. Windows of opportunity close incessantly, and careful preparation is necessary to successful undertakings remaining viable given the close surveillance, metering of resources, travel, and communications being imposed with increasing effect moving forward. It is important that the breadth of human variability be secured prior to our migration off Earth, because once it has migrated, centralized genocidal elimination of variation will cease to be possible. I expect this is why we are continually prompted in our indoctrination and propaganda in the West to rebel, in order to facilitate survival of that critical variability.

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It is inconceivable that private property as currently practiced will be possible legally once Agenda 21 has reached suitable penetration into government around the world. Much of it's advance is in planning and zoning, legislative coordination of the privatization of Earth's carbon, and centralization under totalitarian despots across all essential resources. Incremental eradication of independent use of resources of every kind is ongoing as events facilitate. Any surviving functional loci of independent societies will be either openly hostile, or covert.

It is fortunate that physical mechanisms effect decentralization of every trait and resource relevant. Entropy, chaos, order, and efficiency are fundamentally related and maintain complexity generally. History and the fossil record reveal ubiquitous failure of evolutionary change to eliminate archaic legacies. Every fascist police state has rebels. Every stage of life that has evolved remains extant despite the incessant evolution that proceeds therefrom. The first living things we see in the fossil record remain viable today.

While extinction of individual species, genocide of peoples and cultures does certainly occur, variation of species' that retain capacity to evolve are maintained holistically, and clever communities will take advantage of those mechanisms fully to attain sustainability. Not all independent communities will succeed, but enough will to enable the persistence of independent communities of humanity.

Whether your kids live in one or not is up to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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It is inconceivable that private property as currently practiced will be possible legally once Agenda 21 has reached suitable penetration into government around the world. Much of it's advance is in planning and zoning,

Well stated.

27.11.2019 19:41

Thanks for this very thought-provoking series! I strive to be a mustang, and am steadfast in my belief that the ultimate minority in need of protection and recognition, is the atomic individual.

27.11.2019 20:32

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Yeah, I agree - I like to read, but the audio is useful, because for people who can just press play while walking on something. Very useful I think. Great post, and series by the way

28.11.2019 03:01

Social animals separated from the pack, or in the case of the muck, the herd, die in nature. The libertarian claptrap of "sovereign individual" is nothing more than a delusion that leads to voluntary suicide. All social animals live within a strict social hierarchy and breeding restrictions. If man is nothing more than a beast, then what you advocate is contrary to nature and would require genetic manipulation. Humanist freedom is a mental illness.

"Property" is that which has been granted to you by the state via legal and cultural legitimacy. There is no such concept as "property rights" in nature among the beasts, toward which sorry state your rebellion and malcontent inevitably leads humanity. Ask the 'Murican natives what became of their "property rights," about which the descendents of their conquerors incessantly whine.

28.11.2019 03:29

Animals that merely herd or group in packs do not reach their full expression outside their social group, but they do not die. You can easily find rogue horses, cattle, wolves, and etc. Eusocial animals aren't capable of surviving on their own. Bees, ants, and wasps that are eusocial are never found living alone. People are in the former group, not the latter.

Further, as you seem to hint at, people aren't merely animals, being endowed with the faculty of reason.

Finally, property pre-existed the state. Therefore your claim that property is a privilege granted by the state is false, and all further claims based on that one therefore must be false as well. Fish, octopi, and dogs can have property. You can find plenty of nature shows where they fight over it. Humans fight over property too, and that is why we invented the state, to enable protection of private property and prevent mere might makes right from being the state of the law.

This has resulted in the concept of property being well advanced in nations with states, which the American natives did not have. What they refer to as property and seek via litigation today was not so defined prior to their absorption into the Western civilization they are now part of.

Since every point you sought to base your conclusion on is factually incorrect, your conclusion is also factually incorrect. The entire premise of the totalitarian bootlicking you advocate is revealed to be contrary to the interests and beliefs of nearly all of humanity, reason, and fact. Indeed, these things you advocate are exactly how government was used to kill 200 million people in the 20th Century.

You will be well pleased by the UN Agenda 21, which proposes killing off 6.5 billion more of us, to improve the quality of the property the state seeks to transfer to overlords.

28.11.2019 14:38

If you want to live like the stray rejects of a pack, then any one can choose to live in some abandoned, backwoods hole without any state protection, eking out subsistence-level livelihood without the need for some "revolution." I seem to recall some deluded libertarian fool who attempted to create his own state off the coast of Thailand; got himself killed for his "right" to exercise "sovereign individuality." There is no such thing as property without the sociopolitical infrastructure as provided by the state, or the crown, institution.

In nature, there exists only force and will. Beasts don't recognise property; they only recognise force, a condition towards which your libertarian lunacy will propel the remnant civilisation of the West. There is no such concept as "theft" in nature, for the strong take what they can and the weak suffer what they must. What you advocate is a collection of fragmented rejects waiting to be killed or enslaved by pirates and mafia. That the state provides protection and legal previleges to its subjects, so that prosperity can arise from order is lost to those blinded by their egotism. Everything the libertarians claim as their "property" and "rights" are built upon the previleges granted by their betters.

20th century humanist killings were direct results of malcontent revolutionary elements, convincing the muck to rebel against their betters, who have granted them their very lives. That these ungrateful muck, having bitten-off the very hands that fed them and protected them, died in mass numbers in famine and war is an illustration of divine punishment. Totalitarian hell is the consequence of freedom run amock, where men are "freed" from all obligations, duty, and restraint. The only good revolutionaries are the ones buried in unmarked mass graves.

28.11.2019 17:46

A spacefaring lifeform is no mere beast. What I observe happening, not propose, is the advance of civilization and society beyond the brutal natural law of tooth and fang the state is the ultimate expression of.

"...any one can choose to live in some abandoned, backwoods hole without any state protection..."

Ah, such a generous, if time limited, offer. You seem to need to misrepresent perennially the facts I discuss. I have never even discussed abandoning human society, and skulking in dens like rogue wolves. I relate the ongoing advance of civilization and the upregulation of society to better enable we men to live free and well.

As you incessantly reveal, the state will never do any such thing, intent instead of the reduction of humanity to domestic chattel devoid of any ability to hope and dream, to invent or expand civilization or society beyond the confines of the corral vampiric overlords impose to parasitize our production.

Finally you blatantly and provably lie about the murderous genocidal nature of government. It was Bolsheviks that prosecuted the Holodomor, the starvation to death of tens of millions of Ukrainian men, women, and children. It was the CCP and Mao himself that undertook the Great Leap Forward, that starved to death or murdered ~50 million.

Totalitarian hell is the fruit of government unchecked, not the result of checking it. Men undertake obligations, duty, and restraint out of love and affection for their fellows. Obedience to armed thugs projecting the power of overlords through their institutional vectors for parasitization is but predation, that very brute force of nature, and domestication of chattel by beasts that have no relation to their prey beyond predation.

You have no facts, no relation to reality in your words except opposition to it.

Fortunately, reality does not listen to you, and will eventuate anyway.

30.11.2019 18:53

Lots of big topics here. If you have kids and want them to be self-sufficient, you need to teach 'em a trade that has value, value enough, that they can trade with it, and then, if that is possible, one can explore a community that desires such a tradesperson. Seem's legit to me, so does the fact that we will all die and our progeny will either live on or they will not. The big question is, will it be the smarter or dumber that carries on and or does it even matter in the long run?

29.11.2019 03:20

It is funny that governments have come full circle. First it was hiring a mercenary to protect your property, then it was giving food to the duke, then it was paying taxes on income until the state realized there was no longer any competition given there was only the global government and decided to take the property it was charged with protecting.

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02.12.2019 02:48

Living things generally cycle through population dynamic and biological diversity ranges. In 'The Beak of the Finch' (IIRC) Stephen Weiner discusses how the finches on Galapagos Islands beaks cycle through changes as climate cycles. I note that the baseline evolutionary social status of humanity was highly decentralized, and it is predictable that human society and culture will cycle through a range of adaptive postures as our environment changes.

Decentralization of means of production highly encourage restoration of the pre-industrial craft economy, or even pre-agrarian generalization as AI enables automation of industrial processes going forward. The alarming power grab centralized institutions are presently implementing counters that, and I expect those behind it reckon they are successfully superceding that decentralizing influence in order to maintain and increase their value to society.

I note two powerful drivers likely preclude their success, as history reveals: the ruthless nature of institutional power results in psychopaths competing for power and control, which impacts the strength of institutional power negatively, and the robust nature of natural diversity, which has always worn down institutional power weakened by the aforementioned disarray in it's prosecution.

Almost all humanity are hybrids today, which with 7.5 billion iterations, remains nominally diverse to render success over crudely effected institutional controls practically certain for competent individuals and communities, which is far more able to increase in potential power due to it's propensity to innovation, which a society comprised of overlords and thralls lacks.

02.12.2019 18:29