Mintpressnews Reveals Links to Epstein in Groundbreaking Report

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The interconnection between the FBI and bootleggers, Hoover's attendance at their parties in drag, and those associations are what most shocked me. It's not even that I expected the FBI to be squeaky clean. It's how many do that rocked my mental foundations.


21.07.2019 04:01

a former senior tory chief whip admitted on camera they used to help mp's out of a sticky situation involving children and then use it against them at a later date.

it's completely rife, which is why i'm not moved one bit by the epstein 'revelations' - icke has been writing about this whole evil network for 25 years, and even in the last 5 years it has surfaced but life has just carried on.

they have the people's minds in their hands.

21.07.2019 08:35

Not all of us are clay in their hands to mold as they wish, at least not so far as they would. Icke and yourself, and many more of us, aren't lulled into false security by their denials and subterfuge. Sometimes the undeniable proof of the skulduggery ongoing in the halls of the powerful wake more of us who were unaware of the dangerous nature of those that seek power to rule.

For me the Epstein story isn't about Epstein at all, but the mechanisms by which he secured his, and other's, niches. Considering how the tricks of his trade are plied is akin to watching the plants in a garden grow. When the rise and growth of such a creature is understood well enough, a point on which they depend, or at which they are vulnerable, can be discovered.

Then the fell and monstrous beast can be taken out, so the good that is in the garden can flourish without it's malign influence. Not just Epstein, but his ilk I hope are soon able to not only fall into within our reach, but succumb to our grasp. If we don't look, we will never see. We must see well when that time arises.

22.07.2019 05:56

'vengeance belongs to me says YHVH, I will repay.'

and i believe Him.

22.07.2019 09:54

I consider how to benefit society, not vengeance, in my comment.

In other scripture you will find that God also offers a choice between life and death. I make analogy to a garden in which our communities and nations grow, and simply intending to remove the predators and parasites that harm the garden isn't seeking vengeance.

It's just good tending of the garden. In other scripture, you will find that is our purpose according to God.

I just seek to be a good gardener, as I am made to be.

26.07.2019 16:35

indeed, couldn't agree more, we are to be gardeners, and growers of saved crops - hence the oft-used quote; despite our desire to see these receive justice, it is YHVH who will mete it out.

26.07.2019 17:11

On it now.


26.07.2019 16:29

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21.07.2019 11:21