Gun Control in The Real World

As AI and automation trickle down to individuals as means of production are continuously decentralized, this includes firearms manufacturing. While today it is utterly simple to make a firearm with nothing but a few pieces of pipe and a nail, advanced manufacturing processes now being potential to individuals will completely prevent laws from preventing criminal possession of much better firearms.


The former has been possible for literally centuries, since the advent of industrial production of plumbing parts.

This is now able to be manufactured by individuals at home, without resort to plumbing pipe manufactured by industry.

It is obvious that advancing technology increasingly enables individuals to increase their power to possess firearms, and unless gun control advocates intend to prevent technological advance they will not be able to prevent criminals from possessing firearms of modern sophistication.

All gun control laws can do is render law abiding civilians more helpless and vulnerable to tyrants, thugs, and violent criminals, since only they will respect laws. Given the disadvantage being more and more helpless against such forces creates, fewer and fewer civilians will be able to survive obeying such laws as render them defenseless, and the overall effect of gun control laws will be to decrease the number of law abiding civilians, as they either resort to breaking the law to preserve their lives and property from tyrants, thugs, and criminals, or succumb to violence and die.

Personally, being well trained in the possession and maintenance of firearms, I strongly advocate early training and facility with firearms as the best means of security against common threats.

Nothing else is reasonable, or lawful.

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Talk of firearm laws drives the sale of firearms and ammunition. Violent video games which are as close to realism as possible, where the players goal is to kill the other players, drives mass shootings.

23.08.2019 03:22

Video games don't drive anything but laziness. What drives mass shootings is political exclusion. More and more, people are victimized by Orwellian and oppressive government, and no longer feel able to do anything about it. Most Americans, when it comes to interacting with their government, have learned to keep their head down and take it, and walk away. When your people are blamed for things, their contributions derided, and you are personally subjected to social stigma and organized abuse, and you cannot get help and support through political avenues, that is what drives despair.

Anger is the child of fear, and suicide is the child of despair.

Few video games involve shooting ordinary people, or children, in gun free zones. Most of them involve some kind of monsters, or armed opposition, that is challenging - fun - to defeat. Mass shootings do not resemble video games at all. Play one and see.

23.08.2019 14:01

The video games I see kids playing these days are rated "R" for adults only. The US military train their troops during downtime with violent video games. They also seek virtual murderers in an effort to convert them into real ones.

24.08.2019 17:11

I was a Russian military. Not American. So it does not work! Even if you kill 10 million painted people in a video game ... You can never kill a person in life))

26.08.2019 11:20

With a drone you can. USA does it every day.

29.08.2019 02:57

I don’t know how in the US Army. In the Russian army it is forbidden to control the drone idiots. If a person is not an idiot, he must undergo training.

13.09.2019 20:06

24.08.2019 17:14

Note that you will not find any games to post here that primarily involve shooting schoolchildren, or violence in gun free zones. That is the point I am making.

What you are not responding to is my further point that censorship and propaganda are increasingly leaving people without recourse to lawful means of redressing grievances, and this is what produces the desperation in emotionally damaged people that causes them to commit mass murder. GINI is an informative tool given that economic imbalance drives political power today.

Video games do not, and cannot, cause that desperation.

25.08.2019 17:11

Opinions vary.

25.08.2019 21:50

Facts don't.

26.08.2019 16:05

29.08.2019 03:13

What do you expect from the illegal possession of Zionazis promulgating propaganda and oppression? You advocate for those exact things by propounding agreement with that thesis that games impel violence.

Desperation impels violence, and political disenfranchisement creates desperation. Those are real, measurable factors that can provably be related to social aggression, and why I pointed to GINI, a measure of that political disenfranchisement.

29.08.2019 19:10

How frequently do you replace the bone that is stuck through your nose? Once a week or so? Do you drop it in the same coffee cup with your dentures, to soak overnight?

29.08.2019 23:39

Not an argument, but revealing of your complete lack of them. How does it feel to be wedded to a position you know is fallacious, and run out of things to say you can pretend, even if only in your own mind, support it?

Frankly, when I find out I'm wrong, I change my mind. I've never understood why people stick to their guns even when they find out they're empty.

30.08.2019 07:45

When the kids in a freind of mines neighborhood shot up all the cars with bb guns they blamed it on the video games they were playing. But youre so disconnected from the real world and only have supposed "studies" that prove otherwise. There were no mass shootings and school shootings before violent video games seeded their minds. When parents use video games as a babysitter, this is the result, firearm violence. When you have relatives calling you, asking you to break the door down to a relatives house, because they have locked themselves into a room for 4 days to play video games and lost thier job- this is a serious cry that that person is trying to escape reality, and do so by pretend killing. I remember when doctors used to endorse ciggarettes for their health benefits. Now you have been indoctrinated to not believe what is happening right in front of your face, totallly denying it. A sad social puppet who choses to live a lie because the truth is too painful.

31.08.2019 12:08

25.08.2019 22:07

If you want to examine actual angsty social control, just have a look at the work of Oliver Zahm, Ray Chandler, or other photographers crafting a nihilistic vision of fashionable hell on Earth.

The first 'video game' you reveal here is telling: a simulation crafted by the USG itself. You'll note that there are broken people and horror across all the battlefields of the Earth. If you think video games lead that cohort, rather than react to it, your delusion is noted.

Throughout this video, you'll see that inevitably, real games, however grotesque, feature enemies that must be killed to keep them from killing you. None of the mass murders are focused on battle. The video games aren't models, training, or encouragement for such slaughter. They are reactions to a world full of it.

Correlation is not causation. That doesn't matter to disingenuous propagandists intent on misleading people, or those they have successfully misled.

26.08.2019 16:24

valued-customer Always said that you are a smart man! They are trying to justify psychos. He played the wrong games and became a maniac. Nonsense! Maniacs because of a malfunction in the psyche, and not because of video games.
Still trying to justify former war veterans. What for? War does not kill brains. War does not make you crazy. The state makes a psycho. An example of Vietnam for the USA. The soldiers were told that they were fighting for a good cause. When they arrived home ... They were told that they are garbage and not needed by society.
Imagine if a person did not fight. Just worked on hard work. I thought it works for my country. When it's time to pay. He was told that he was a jerk. He is not worthy of respect and salary! For many, the roof will be torn down and there will be an insult to the employer that he simply deceived him.

26.08.2019 11:26

Illusionists make grand gestures with the hand they want you to look at, while they do the actual work with the other hand. I think they are trying to make psychos, and would do it with videogames if they could. They still need drugs, abuse, and the real world for it, but more and more the real world is filtered through lies and propaganda before it hits drug addled brains in the heads of bullied and ridiculed little boys.

It's almost a science, destroying people today.

Thanks for your kind words.

26.08.2019 16:02

I agree! Distract from the main thing is the principle of politicians.

28.08.2019 17:47

Seriously? Many people I personally knew who had served in the army or special services played computer games. We preferred the worlds of MMORPGs with elves and gnomes.
This, of course, was not related to reality, I just liked playing colorful pictures. We even had a clan with army discipline and we captured an entire server. It was a matter of going to play on an international server and there were successes too.
The game is entertainment. An ordinary hobby is no better than others. Now the main secret. We had no reason to get together in an online conference every day. The game gave such a reason. In the clan’s conversation chat, we discussed a lot. Who married, who had a baby, what are the plans for the vacation. Just as a result of the service, many were in different cities of our and foreign countries. The game allowed us and gave occasion in the evenings to get together))

26.08.2019 11:17

I also played Evercrack back in the day on an account paid for by my employer, where we would use the in game chat similarly.

26.08.2019 16:59

The games are similar. Although usually played in Chinese. You had an interesting game. Although I had never heard of such a thing before. Skills used in a horizontal branch. We were not comfortable in the vertical. Although it was possible and so put them. The character management interface was flexible.
There were robot characters. This was forbidden, but we used them. Every day, 24 hours a day, they extracted resources. There were merchant characters who traded 24 hours a day.
The game, and war, as in life. Who has a lot of resources, he wins.
Although, when we became a strong clan it became boring. It was more interesting for beginners to solve the riddles of the world. Yes, we often could lose in battle, but there was something new. It was necessary to study the world. Sometimes I flew over the world on my pet for hours. Could hang over the water, it was interesting to admire the graphics.
Once at a low level flew into the valley of dragons. The Chinese love to put dragons into games. I could not fly away for several days. My character was constantly killed and he rebelled in the village. And again I tried to fly away.
Now it’s funny to remember this)))

28.08.2019 17:58

Beautiful words. They do not make sense. Not sure if you served in the army and have basic concepts about weapons. I'll start with commonplace examples. Buy a live Christmas goose. Can you chop off his head yourself? Buy a live rabbit. I can tell you the technique of killing a rabbit. Can you do it?
Perhaps you do not understand, but there is a psychological barrier. It is extremely difficult to shoot a living person. Especially at close range when looking into his eyes. Some people cannot do this even to protect their own lives.
Now about the technique of owning weapons.
When a person carries a weapon he feels invulnerable, such a feeling is deceiving and at a critical moment he is often unable to use it. For example, a lady can start to panic and look for a gun in a handbag for a long time. Usually when he gets it, this will be a gift for the criminal. The gunman will pick up for himself.
Personally, I carry the melee weapons of the 8th century. I can give a name, but I'm not sure that it is known in the Western world. It is impossible to ban! It consists of a strong lace and keys. There have already been times when I had to use it. This weapon is ideal for close combat. But it is useless when a person is not ready to use it or does not know how to own it.
Believe me, for self-defense you need a simple weapon, even a primitive one. However, it is not a weapon, but the ability to wield it and readiness to use it.
There was a case when I came up against a pistol with my weapon of the 8th century. The criminal was not ready to shoot at a person, as a result, he presented me with a gun. It's not a firearm, but skills and willingness to apply.

26.08.2019 11:10

I completely forgot. Do you know what they say about pistols in the army? If you are gouging and left without a gun. A gun is needed to shoot yourself. This is such an almost useless weapon. Needed exclusively for bandits. Sometimes they use the police. But who are the police? The same bandits, but in the service of the capitalists. In the USSR, the police did not carry pistols. They were not needed. If weapons were required, they received machine guns. A gun. Why is he?
I can talk a lot about weapons. There are a lot of myths about weapons. Few people know that throwing requires special knives. If they are supposed to be used, then special forces are issued. In films, you can throw any knife. Can. You can throw an ax. But you can fight with a double-barreled hunting,but why?
Exaggerated. It’s difficult to show tactics, planning, headquarters and more in a cartoon. But essentially true. It is rightly shown what will happen when the regular army and the rebels.

26.08.2019 11:55

Pistols aren't memes, my friend. Due to their size and means of handling, they have different uses than shoulder fired weapons, but police are deployed as a gang of thugs, and in such use they are intended to just throw a lot of lead, rather than aim.

There is a reason 5.56 Nato is the round of Western militaries, and that's because it's a wounding round. Wounding an enemy requires the enemy to spend personnel and treasure on rescue, healing, and retirement of ex-combatants too damaged to continue to fight. Just killing the enemy only removes one soldier, far less expensive.

Asymmetric warfare is not focused on such engagements, and tends to focus on aiming at specific targets, rather than overwhelming them with volleys. Different forces have different purposes, and use different weapons. Pistols have a place in arsenals.

26.08.2019 16:45

Yes, the caliber is reduced. We have a standard of 5.45, it used to be 7.62. There was a lot of controversy. Supporters of AK 7.62 have arguments. Supporters of the AK-100 of caliber 5.45 have arguments, a long conversation.
Shoot the bears I am against. Although we do not have grizzlies, they say they are aggressive. The main thing is not to play with the teddy bear with the bear, it can kill. So bears are not aggressive. The main thing is not to scream, not to scare. Better feed.

28.08.2019 17:45

The Russian Brown Bears are practically the same as Grizzlies. While they often aren't aggressive, they can be, and if they do attack little people aren't very able to preserve their lives when attacked by predators weighing up to a ton, as they do where I grew up. About a decade ago a teenager was attacked by a mother who felt he was a threat, and he managed to beat her to death with a stick. A singular achievement IMHO.

I'd rather depend on a .44 than a stick.

29.08.2019 19:24

With animals you can only caress. Kindness and affection subordinate better sticks or pistols.

13.09.2019 20:04

Speaking of weapons. We have control in our country. Suppose a person wants to make a bomb. The easiest option is to buy fertilizers, oxygen cylinder, nuts, nails. In the picnic shop you need to take charcoal. Grind the coal in a mortar. Then mix: sulfur, coal, saltpeter, it is desirable to add aluminum shavings. There will be a good detonator. The fabric must be doused with resin. Pour nails and nuts onto the fabric with resin. It is advisable to nail nails with wire cutters. This will be a striking matrix. Black powder is used as a detonator. An explosion of gunpowder provokes an explosion of oxygen, and the damaging matrix scatters as a result of the explosion, causing damage.
It is clear that all things can simply be bought at the store. However, if you buy them all in one store, the police will come to you. Do you have similar control?
This little bomb can sometimes be used for hunting. But to assemble a small nuclear bomb is not a problem. Especially if there is an OZK. Given that many things are sold in the store, it is easy to make a simple rocket, and this is already dangerous. It is clear that such knowledge is not in the public domain. Moreover, it is criminally punishable to us to tell how to assemble a nuclear bomb, make a rocket and launch it. Subscription is given. Do you somehow control this?

28.08.2019 20:42

"It is clear that such knowledge is not in the public domain."

The opposite is true. People are simply discouraged from learning information that can reduce the power of thugs to project force against them.

A boy scout some years ago attempted to make a nuke in his garden shed. Sadly, despite the basic plan being functional, his safety protocols were insufficient to prevent being fatally poisoned in the attempt. Children are able to gain this information without particular sophistication, and it is not possible to suppress nominally.

Going forward, greater functionality will be possible to individuals as a result of technological advance, and in time institutions are going to be prevented from projecting force to continue parasitizing civilians. Freedom is coming.

29.08.2019 19:16

I say he needed a set of OZK

13.09.2019 20:05