Good News for a Change: Ebola Almost Completely Cured


We are inundated with bad news constantly for good reasons. We need to know where threats are to protect ourselves from them, but not ever getting good news is a threat itself.

This is good news.

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How did Ebola start?


Will they cure HIV and Lyme next?

19.08.2019 19:19

Wish I knew. I don't.

19.08.2019 19:39

After Ebola showed up in the human population, in the area's where the outbreaks occurred they tested several animal species, though not one hundred percent conclusive as the only source, the only species found with the Ebola virus was bats. Ebola is not an air borne virus so it is thought in area's of Africa where bats are eaten the virus was spread to humans through contact with bodily fluids of bats during the preparation for's unlikely eating the bats were the cause unless under cooked as heat from cooking the bats would have killed the virus.

20.08.2019 00:19

Given Ebola's method of action - bleeding out until death - I'm glad there are no vampire bats in Africa.

That would be waaaaay too creepy.

20.08.2019 06:24

For sure the world dodged a bullet on that one....though in some area's scientist are still trying to figure out how bats came about getting ebola and in different regions was it something caught from something else or did other bats carry it into another area and infect other bats.

20.08.2019 09:27

Current PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is highly effective against infection.

However, there is currently no cure for patients who are already infected or have developed AIDS.

20.08.2019 10:33

LRH said that if a doctor's cure rate is higher or lower than 20% check the data.
Those seem about right.

19.08.2019 20:19

I note that one of the drugs was able to achieve a 94% survival rate under certain conditions, which is an order of magnitude better than untreated.

20.08.2019 00:13

Yeah, it can't all be bunk, but if the press prints it, it's suspect in my book.

20.08.2019 01:47

That's a pretty misleading headline. Viruses can't be cured only one's body can be stimulated with drug therapy to kill the virus within the body, boosting the immune system to fight against it, that's why the article states there are stronger cure rates if the transmission of the virus into the body is caught in the early stages, survival rates for cases not caught early enough are still rather staggering high with these drugs.

20.08.2019 00:13

From being once a 90% death sentence, to a claimed 94% survival rate, justifies 'almost completely cured'. Also, your claim that 'Viruses can't be cured...' is immediately contradicted with ''s body can be stimulated with drug therapy to kill the virus...'

Please don't start this again. If you're not going to be reasonable, let me introduce you to @baah. I think you two make a lot of sense together, if no other way.

20.08.2019 05:06


20.08.2019 05:36

That makes it the originally article stated, if one is totally cured from it, in my opinion, would be a vaccine that wouldn't allow one to become sick from it. Matter of difference of opinion. No it's not 94% for everybody, just early caught cases and it depends upon what virus type and how it responds to the different therapies. People who don't seek immediate treatment still suffer fatality rates of 33 to 49%.

Whose baah other then your twin brother or alter ego.

20.08.2019 09:22

Learn something new everyday.

At least, there exists better treatment now.

20.08.2019 10:42