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Viedo just released from New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center clearly shows Epstein fighting like the 3rd monkey trying to get on the ark to avoid #Clintoncide

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10.08.2019 17:03

Epstein by all indications was extremely narcissistic, and that implies he would have been highly unlikely to commit suicide. Given his career, it is doubtful he would have been unaware of the danger to his life in his position.

Sadly, I am not convinced that his murder will be successfully prosecuted.


10.08.2019 17:18

Hi @valued-customer

Is there any chance I could DM you? Do you use telegram? or discord? I've some questions I wanted to ask you (outside blockchain).


10.08.2019 17:21

I'll be on Discord in a couple minutes. Same username and pic.


10.08.2019 18:05

hi @valued-customer

Could you add me? I cannot seem to be able to find you without those 4 digits required.

My account: crypto.piotr#3426

ps. I've found discord so much more complicated than telegram and I'm wondering why most people still prefer Discord ;)


11.08.2019 07:45


11.08.2019 19:42

hung himself with what?

where'd he get it?

10.08.2019 19:12

I'm not holding my breath awaiting a factual answer to those questions.

His death appears to have been immediately preceded by being moved to a single cell in the wee hours this morning. A report of the arrival of a van that was not properly logged or photographed bearing party(s) in military garb by someone purporting to be an employee of MCC has also surfaced and been deleted.

The usual suspects, doing the usual things when evidence of Clinton crimes are involved IMHO.

10.08.2019 19:37

And is he really dead at all? Or is that just the story told by the NY state media?

11.08.2019 03:25

do you dare suggest that the media don't tell the truth?

11.08.2019 03:42

At risk of being branded all sorts of rotten things by the FIB? Yes, I admit it here on the blockchain, I dare suggest it! The media is worse than kabuki theatre.
I'm a completely hopeless nutjob, of course. Everything is as the overlords claim. ;)

11.08.2019 03:48

you WILL be assimilated.
the ministry of truth demands it.

11.08.2019 04:04

We jest!
And yet, it's too close to home, too real.
I guess that's why it's funny. A sort of uncomfortable awkward humour.
Orwell was a freakin' genius. I wish we were sitting here calling him a fool.

11.08.2019 04:23

1984 was meant to be a cautionary tale.
The left is using it as an instruction manual.

11.08.2019 04:25

He found himself in the awkward position of being the sacrifical scapegoat amog his fellow moloch worshipers. Found dead one day after the hundreds of sealed indightments were released. The coming months could prove world changing, if those whom commited the acts of sex magick are brought to justice.

11.08.2019 02:59

I'm not very familiar with 4chan 8chan etc. Didn't realize they were so heavily censored/steered.
I'm glad that Steem isn't currently very censored. I hope it stays (if it does, I will).
BTW I hear he died of Epstein Behind Bars Virus. ;P

11.08.2019 03:24

Turns out I am kinda naive about how image boards work. Apparently when a thread has a lot of activity and gets stickied, the posts are capped at 1000, and earlier posts are deleted automatically. Last I checked the thread had over 10k posts by the time they let it expire.

Epstein Barr virus is a little cohencidental. Makes my spidey sense tingle LOL

11.08.2019 19:09