Conspiracies Exist. Foiling Them Requires Learning the Truth.

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14.08.2019 04:02

The govern-cement, especially the Cocain Import Agency and the Federal End-table of intimidation had to be very careful in defining "terrorist" so as not to define themselves and what they do.

And, what i have seen them do, i consider unforgivable.

14.08.2019 04:07

So much truth here. Report a potential felony, you're a conspiracy theorist and potential terrorist. Don't report it, you're an unpatriotic criminal in need of re-education.
Reading between the lines, I think we're meant to report on the crimes/vices of fellow commoners; and shut up about actual crimes with actual victims, perpetrated by powerful people.

14.08.2019 04:38

Upvoted for title alone. Thanks for writing about important shit.

14.08.2019 04:50

in a technological society (which has hardware stores) the construction of weapons is impossible to stop.
FYI: full auto is easier to build than select fire..

14.08.2019 05:07

i agree 1000%
the govt is the conspiracy with their goons(FBI CIA police DEA ect ect ect)
great article man
be safe be well and starve the dirty beast anytime you get the chance

14.08.2019 13:44

Your post is the perfect example of the reason for the censorship laws being necessary to govern a stable society. Within 10 ultra-short parahraphs, your post meanders from paranoid conspiracies to armed rebellion. What purpose does the current distributors of conspiracy serve other than to intill anxiety and incite violence? The West is finally learning that punishing behaviors, while allowing toxic ideas to spread freely is futile.

14.08.2019 16:35

Yeah, these facts being revealed about powerful politicians and rich people being controlled by blackmailing pedophile pimps is obvious paranoia, and it's just as clear that armed rebellion could never improve the quality of life of people suffering corrupt governance.


Knowing these facts could never be useful, and that must be why the above pic is published by the US Army, to keep us all in a fog of facts and reason, instead of just keeping our heads down and enjoying our servitude.

You must be right that every breath is a gift we are granted from those whose power is derived from extortion, and any ideas that refute gratitude for our very existence to those that have parasitized our every effort must be denied, forgotten, and criminalized. Only by living on our knees as slaves to anyone that claims us can we be free. Only by denying factual reality and living a hallucinatory fantasy propagated by the media factories that their owners are perfect benefactors can we pursue happiness. Only by allowing their indoctrination centers to sexually pervert and mutilate our children can we further civilization and leave a better world to our posterity in which they can be sex slaves until mined for their organs so that rich people can live longer.


Government is always right. Just doing what we're told is best for us.


15.08.2019 15:21

Fraud, corruption, and waste is a fact of every human organization because imperfect creatures can only produce imperfect tools. The idea that anarchy will produce a "society" free from corruption, fraud, and waste is as ludicrous as the delusion of a perpetual motion machine. Your malcontent is not against the ruling establishment, but against humanity itself, and ultimately against God.

it's just as clear that armed rebellion could never improve the quality of life of people suffering corrupt governance.

The above is statement is a fact. Every peasant revolt against their betters has resulted in exponential misery for those people these "revolution" purported to serve. The Czarist autocracy may have been harsh, but it was a paradise compared with the Bolshevik terror that replaced it. The Soviet system was oppressive, but it was infinitely preferable to the chaos, corruption, and non-governance of oligarchs, following Soviet collapse. The Bourbon France may have been mismanaged, but compared with the Terror of the muck, it was the model of efficient governance. The Spanish colonies of Americas may have been maladministered, but compared with the cesspool of "democracies" resulting from Bolivar's insane revolt, remains infinitely preferable.

However mismanaged current Western bureaucracies, servitude under your current masters will be infinitely preferable to whatever lunacy your ill-conceived, malcontented popular armed revolt will engender. Only those inexperienced, foolish youths subscribe to the absurdity of "revolution" and "reform," puffed up with the hubris born of ignorance, to imagine themselves gods with knowledge greater than that of all the collective sum of human experience thus far. Rather than dictating to Heaven their whims and attempting to bend Heaven to their will, perhaps your humanists ought to discern God's will and law and align their lives according to natural order. The current miseries of your societies are divine punishments for the your own hubris.

The paranoid conspiracy theories and information concerning the failure of your betters serve naught but to feed your malcontent and hubris. Rather than waste energy and resources feeding their own egos, it would be preferable for all involved, if the humanists learn their place and work towards fulfilling their duties. Society functions best when there is a place for every man, and every man is in his place.

16.08.2019 15:26

" Your malcontent is not against the ruling establishment, but against humanity itself, and ultimately against God."

Horseshit. You state yourself that humans are imperfect, and that statement is an acknowledgement that I have no betters, no rightful overlords, and that no system of institutional power can EVER be just or honorable.

My position, stated these many times to resounding silence from you, is that given the burgeoning ability to eschew parasitization, individuals will, and eventually institutional control will be obsolete. Nowhere, ever, have I claimed perfection, justice, or honor will result. On the contrary I have often and repeatedly pointed out that considerable misery will be inevitable due to various reasons - but primarily because verminous parasites will commit innumerable crimes to keep their power.

You seem incapable of grasping this, or unwilling, and constantly impute motives to me that simply don't apply. Politics is becoming obsolete, and this is my position, not that anarchists are better people, or that the left or right are the true betters we need to be ruled by. Institutional power is based on techology, and technology is advancing such that institutional power is diminishing. That has nothing to do with politics - other than making politics obsolete.

Political power is created and maintained by force projection, and it is becoming impossible to project force. That's my position. This mandates that the place for every man is his own castle, and that's a good thing, as well as inevitable. Neither the CCCP nor Zionazis can afford to nuke individual homes from orbit because doing so decreases the power they derive from parasitizing the neighbors of the nuked party, and doing so only increases the rate at which they lose power. To maintain their power they are dependent on thugs with guns busting down doors, and the fact is that today fairly simple and available tech makes it impossible for a gang of humans to do so when their target has implemented such security.

Firearms are 1000 year old tech. The reason it is still employed to project force is because nothing better exists to enforce slavery, because slavery depends on slaves made of meat. Thugs are made of meat too, and it is amost impossible to compare advances in tech that can be employed to prevent meatbags from projecting force to firearms, which are practically stone age in comparison.

Physics is the real boss, and it mandates autocracy for all individuals. The best means of preventing individuals from running their own lives is keeping them from becoming aware of it, which is the reason for indoctrination and propaganda being huge expenses for institutions wielding power today. 'Paranoid conspiracy theories' is really shorthand for grasping such actual facts

Not surprised you used the term lol.

17.08.2019 17:57

Whatever the circumstances or particulars, competition for limites resources remains a constant for every human society. Politics is a tool used to distribute limited resources. If there is no means for orderly distribution of limited resources, humanity descends into chaos of scrambling for every available scrap to feed their needs and greeds, which condition denotes anarchy. It is you who are either ignorant or dismissive of "physics" to imagine a society of limitless resources to dole out to the greedy paws of "free" men. Whatever magic you imagine the new shiney baubles will bring, it will not create infinite energy or matter out of void.

Rather than acknowledging that they are granted previleges to use and/or distribute limited resources by their betters via the political process, the humanist scum use all their efforts in subverting the social order, so that they can indulge in their vices and myopia. License to engage in vice, the humanists term "freedom" and "rights." The unprecedented mismanagement of creation, unfettered by sociocultural restraint and sociopolitical direction, the humanists term "free" market, which is the most ludicrous economic institution founded upon producing ever-increasing amount of useless junk for the bottomless appetite of the ignorant muck, convinced that wealth, status, and virtue derive from accumulating junk. Pride, envy, greed, lust, and gluttony define the Western humanist doctrine of "freedom" and "rights."

"Autocracy of individuals" is euphemism for anarchy, in which, absent central political authority, the muck eat each other scrambling for ever-diminishing resources. The fruits of humanist drivel can be observed in Hong Kong, where brainwashed drones destroyed one of the world's greatest economy in mere 2 months. What more wonderful fruits will "freedom" inflict upon humanity next? Censorship of bad ideas is necessary for the survival of the human race.

18.08.2019 18:53

NSFW follows: do not read or view this comment unless you are an adult and prepared for horrible scenes of violence.

" If there is no means for orderly distribution of limited resources, humanity descends into chaos of scrambling for every available scrap to feed their needs"

Where have I denied this fact? I do not. However, decentralization of the means of production directly decrease resource limitations, and thus decrease the power of centralized pools of capital which are used to limit those resources to cause the very chaos you decry.

"The unprecedented mismanagement of creation, unfettered by sociocultural restraint and sociopolitical direction..."

Here you do not refer to free men, but the very 'betters' you claim we need. It is they who do these things, to increase their power, wealth, and because they're psychopaths.




The above are the fruits of what you advocate for, and which we have long suffered: being ruled by unaccountable overlords. Those are not the fruits of free people, but of 'benevolent masters'.

You mention Hong Kong, where the CCCP sought to increase the power of the state over people there. Given the above fruits of allowing such subjection, mere economic deprivation as a price to pay for preventing it is a bargain.

Freedom is a bargain at any price.

"Censorship of bad ideas is necessary for the survival of the human race."

Not at all. Censoring bad ideas prevents understanding of why they're bad ideas, which only allows them to crop up again and again. Censorship claiming to hide bad ideas is used to hide the fruits of evil overlords, such as I have posted above. Hiding those facts doesn't make them stop. It makes people vulnerable to them, because they don't know they need to protect themselves from them.

In the final analysis, the truth will set you free, because it will ensure those that know it act accordingly. Parasitization is the cause of the above pathological violence, and decentralization of the means of production is all that is necessary to, and the only thing that can, end brutal, murderous oppression of good people.

Sooner or later, and the sooner the better, we're going to be free.

18.08.2019 20:34

I can also easily compile dramatic photos of the Western inner city muck killing each other with abandon, without any evil gubermint interference. The deluded "free" men Tim McVeigh and Dillon Roof killed many 'Muricans in their ignorant rampage. Chen Tonkai was not forced by the CCP to kill his pregnant wife. There are innumerable videos of obese 'Murican peasant muck trampling each other to acquire baubles that they don't need nor can afford. The ill-educated, over-emotional muck rant the most about their "rights" or "freedom" to inebriation using cannabis, opium, cocaine, and other toxins, while decrying, in the same breath, the alleged "poisons" in vaccines, water, and food products. Release the sociocultural restraint and sociopolitical control, these muck will happily eat each other, while wasting away their limited cognitive faculties becoming inebriated with unlimited poison.

The shitholes of Spanish Americas and African "democracies" are fruits of the humanism and peasant revolts. "Freedom" is the surest path to poverty and chaos for any society. Hong Kong will return to the insignificant, impoverished collection of fishing huts thanks to the tireless efforts of the peasant muck that knows not responsibility, obligation, duty, or honor. The true parasites are the humanists who infect others with their malcontent, entitlement, and hubris without producing any thing of value or virtue, while demanding unearned previleges from their betters. Humanists are slaves to their vices and arrogance.

All civilised societies deal with those who are mental by isolating them from others, while attempting treatment. Humanism is madness like any other, and responsible rulers must deal with such epidemics as any other form of virulent disease threatening his subjects. Censorship is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading and destroying civilisation. Indeed the truth will set humanity free from the corruption of the mind the poison of "freedom" engenders.

19.08.2019 18:54

Politics is increasingly irrelevant, and will go away. Espousing extant murderous overlords is nothing more than bad optics. Our opinions won't matter because the reality of physics doesn't care what our opinions are, and people - as you point out - are rather simple animals. They'll do what profits them most.

They'll adopt decentralized means of production when they can because it's more profitable.

19.08.2019 19:42

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