Author Your Story; Your Destiny is in Your Hands

Recently perhaps the most important gathering in history was hosted in Las Vegas: Biohack the Planet 2019. The relevant impact of the discussion undertaken there overshadows any event conceivable, not only in history, but even potential in the future.

Since the Big Bang, no matter or creature can be shown to have intentionally determined it's structure. Biohack the Planet discussed how we can do that today. On your kitchen table right now you can assemble necessary means of altering your physical form to meet any conceivable goals, dependent on your understanding of the relevant technology, for the cost of a romantic weekend at a cute B&B with your SO.

From here on out, our bodies are our canvas. Intelligent Design has become factual reality, and you are now the designer. Not some God, or gods, regardless of how you conceive of such matters, but you. Not government, church, or pharmaceutical corporation, nor even nature itself, but you personally now have the power to specify your personal DNA, and that of your posterity.

Whether it's advisable or not, whether you're wise or foolish, regardless of the dreams, wishes, or demands of others, you are in charge of you in a way that has never been possible heretofore.

Skip the first hour or so to get to the discussion.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

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Day Two of Biohack the Planet:

07.09.2019 02:26

Our body and life is like a canvas, like you said, which reminds me of what William Shakespeare said, that the whole world is a stage.

07.09.2019 18:09

I note that Shakespeare's most famous question is transformed by the new ability humanity has gained I discuss here. It is no longer 'To be or not to be...' but 'What to be, or not be....' that is the choice we are faced with as individuals, and society.

07.09.2019 18:23

Exactly. I've not thought of it that way, but it is the next step. Because to be is to be something, but what is the question. To be what or what to be. That's fundamental in evolving, in character development.

07.09.2019 18:53

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