NANO-Game: Guess my favorite shitcoin price(10/7/2019)


Game Purpose:

  • Spread, promote the good shitcoin that I hold
  • Sponsoring, developing, creating a playground for steem communities, especially small accounts

    How To Play:

  • Leave a comment with your number predictions for today’s closing prices (prices close at 24:00 UTC), and you will have a chance to win 1 STEEM
  • The comment with the closest prediction will win 1 STEEM.
  • Tip: You can check daily closing prices at 24:00 UTC at the following website:

    Game Rules:

  • The representative must be 25-50 to qualify
  • This contest is valid for the first 20 comments entries only.
  • Edited comments will not be considered valid. If you make a mistake, delete the comment and write a new one
  • In the event of more than 1 correct prediction entry, the earlier correct prediction entry will win.
  • Comments must be submitted before 12:00 UTC

    Maybe you don't know:

    All time high: $33.69
    All time high date: 2018-01-02 (one year ago)
    Since all time high: -95.57 %

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