True innovation

When you’re creating a ‘new’ product, you’re always creating what you want or what you think is needed (that’s how you’re apparently going to bluff people into believing that they need it too), which is a waste of time. When you’re doing audience research, you’re not just taking their suggestions as parts and putting them together, without creating anything new (by your definition of new), you’re understanding what difficulties they face in day to day lives (which is why their choice of products leans towards certain products rather than others) and how you can make those activities seamless or transform those workflows to save time, so that they can focus on other important things, including spending time with their families. This is what true innovation means. Random hobbies are just a waste of time even if it requires a high IQ to get there. People don’t really need them. The direction of innovation should be guided by public demand and not government funding or random private adventures. We’ve seen what happens to those socialist countries, like USSR, who believe otherwise.

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