Falsely accusing automation as a cause of unemployment while advocating for UBI

This video is factually incorrect. The Economy was expanding at a much higher rate during industrial revolution than now. Right now, it’s almost stagnant. There used to be a lot of jobs in the manufacturing sector (secondary sector) but that’s not the case now. People (known famously as luddites) were worried about machines taking away their jobs (spinning, ginning and stuff), however, new kinds of jobs were also created and no such unemployment crisis, as you’re referring to, was created due to automation. Unemployment always happens due to bad economic policy decisions. Don’t blame it on automation.
By the way, if people were to be unemployed on a large scale, UBI won’t solve the issue, for the same reasons that only taxing the rich never works (those are the people you’d be taxing for UBI, post unemployment crisis).

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