A few fallacies in Bernie Sanders's ideology

These communists are probably born mentally ill. There are two fundamental flaws that I found in this video:

  1. As far as competition vs. cooperation goes, he's obviously focusing at the wrong place. Making statements like he did and pointing a few examples is easy. Proving it is difficult, especially for dumbwit communists. In certain cases, competition can be better, in others cooperation can be better. So, how do you decide which one is better? You do it through free market. The market chooses what's best, whether it comes from competition or cooperation. The mode doesn't really matter.
  2. He doesn't seem to have the concept of fairness. How do you define the term 'fair'. Once again, we turn to the free market. Whenever goods are exchanged, the buyer and seller agree at a price. At that price, the buyer is happier to have the product than he was with the money and the seller is happier with the money than he was with the product. That's what we call a 'fair' value. Anything else makes the transaction unfair. Either it's biased in favour of the buyer or the seller. That's exactly what happens with government intervention. So, to say that somebody is not paying 'fair' share in itself is a fallacy. For any payment to be 'fair' both sides should be happier at the end of the transaction. For some, a fair value may not exist. So they pay 0 and the government shouldn't interfere. This is why donations are OK, but taxes aren't. When you leave people unhappy, they stop working and that's the last thing that you want.

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