Back from hiatus! What have I been up to?

What is up guys! @valkangel here, back from the dead.

It's been quite a long time since my last post (2 years of inactivity). Quite a lot happened since then. We now have moved twice in the last 2 years, and I now have purchased a plot of land for myself and will be building a house there in the near future.

Last year has been one of the better years in my life. I now have a onewheel (that someone gave to me) which I use to commute and an Ipad pro 12.9 (again, someone gave it to me) which I now use to draw (i have now stopped using a mouse to draw). With a new setup comes a new drawing style! Here are some of my new works using my ipad and procreate:

conan from case closed!

Lee Syaoran from card captor sakura

Guts from Berserk!

this one is an OC from one of the artists I'm currently following on instagram

Huge shoutouts to the people who helped us when we were down and out. I couldn't have made it without them.

If you'd like to see more of this, just leave your comments down below and i'll do my best to respond to them! don't forget to upvote and resteem as well! You can also follow me on instagram at @zeroskillsz.

I bid you farewell for now,

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10.01.2020 11:31

Welcome back, hope you will stay longer! Keep on posting good content.

10.01.2020 12:43