Betterlife | The Diary Game | 21-March-2021 | Picnic

Hello Steemit family
Hoping every one is having a good day. Well last weekend I had a great time as I went for a picnic at beach with my friend.
So basically my friend was the one who had done arrangements for the breakfast & lunch.
Well the at first we reached the beach hut & weather was great.
After some time other also arrived at the hut. So at first it was decided that breakfast will be surved as soon as all attendees reach the hut.
Unfortunately I was unable to click the picture of break fast setup but on the other hand it was amazing.
There was halwa poori along with tea in breakfast.
After wards all were engaged in their games & other activities organized by the organizer & on the other I was with my friend who was busy in doing arrangements for the lunch.
Here are some clicks of the food during cooking progress.




Following items were surved in lunch
Chicken tikka
Along with ice cream as dessert.

Further all the arrangements went good & here are some random clicks of the site




Unfortunately after having a good picnic we had a accident, thank GOD everyone was safe.
And also we had to deal with that hectic situation as local police also got involved in the case & at the day dispute was settled on the basis of mutual understanding.


So it is my personal advise to all, drive wisely & safely as it will be good for you & for others as well.

I would also like thanks @steemcurator01 @steemcurator0 and @steemitblog for their support to our Steemit Pakistan community.

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It's always fun to have gettogather with friends. May you and all of your friends stay happy and live long. Aameen

24.03.2021 06:46


24.03.2021 06:47

Nice dairy post all picture are awesome✨
Thank God no one was harmed in the accident, everyone is safe.God bless you all. Always drive with care and be safe.

24.03.2021 09:02


24.03.2021 09:24

Great to see you. Feel good to know that everyone is safe with the blessing of Allah.

24.03.2021 12:40