Achievement 2 mentor by @cryptokannon : Basic Security on Steem

Hello my Steem Family,

Hope everyone is doing well. So the purpose of my writing today is to complete my achievement number 2.

As due to some office load I wasn’t able keep up with the steem family but now since last month I am trying my best to keep up with community. The main source for my rejoining the community was my friend @hasanabid who has taught me a lot & always available for the help.

So now let’s start my achievement 2:


Well today now where we are at is the era of technology as we are going towards the virtual world. The best example is world of crypto currencies. Crypto will be enabling the paper less transaction across the world. But every new technology comes with some pros & cons also. So with pros there are some cons as well because there are many scams & other cases exist which can be example where people are being robbed & there worth are looted. But for steemit things are not the same as here in steemit there is different sort keys that are required to fulfill different sort of tasks.

These different key helps a lot to secure individual account. So its mandatory to retrieve all steem keys for a user & I personally has saved my all keys aside to avoid any sort of problem/issue which may arise.

Further all of this stuff was guided & taught by my lovely friend @hassanabid as with in time when I was not active in steem community things has been changed a lot which has increase the security & many things.

So at first it would be my advice to all to save all their keys in a secure manner. Now let me initiate the description of keys one by one.

Posting Key:

Active key is a delicate key as it is utilized in other site like for acquiring tokens numerous other steem related stages needs you to give active key to play out specific activities.

Active Key:

This is an extraordinary key as I would see it since, in such a case that you lost this key or somebody take your proprietor key they can change your all keys and others individual things which kept in steemit.

Owner Key:

This is an extraordinary key as I would like to think since, in such a case that you lost this key or somebody take your owner key they can change your all keys and others individual things which kept in steemit.

Memo Key:

Memo key is utilized for encrypt or decrypt notices when you are moving your valuables.

Do you know how to power up your STEEM?

Indeed I think about that how I powerup my steem power. we need to compose and post great and quality content on day by day bases. ensure that the content or some other thing you are presenting needs on pulls in your supporters for upvote and by going to wallet and snap on fluid steem we will get powerup alternative moreover.

At last again thanking my childhood friend @hasanabid for all the teaching & help which required all the time & @hasanabid always there for me when needed.

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Congratulations !
You have successfully completed achievement 2 on "Basic Security on Steem". Your next task is to complete

Achivement 3 : Content Etiquette .

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10.01.2021 16:31

Thanks @hassanabid
I will start working on my third achievement soon

10.01.2021 16:46

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10.01.2021 16:48

Sure I am looking forward to the new challenges & contents!!
Thanks for the support

10.01.2021 21:28

Congratulations on your achievement 🙌🙌🙌

10.01.2021 21:14


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