Many people record and feel identified with the word "AKUNA MATATA" and about that message that has been history through the years. Teaching us about happiness, friendship, courage and courage, we recorded that great child we were and even for all things, we carry inside.

Feeling identified with the subject I have decided to inquire a bit and clarify some curiosities about that great cat called: "THE KING OF THE JUNGLE"

Did you know that the herds are matriarchal? ... to see I explain.

The word matriarchy means from the Latin (mater) (mother) and from the Greek archein (govern), it refers to a type of society where women take a central leadership role, either political or authority.

Anyway, in this case in the animal kingdom in the herds, the lionesses are the ones that direct and dominate the other lions since they are in charge of taking care of their young in equipment and performing most of the hunting for their herd since they are smaller and agile.

Thus the lions take another role since it is said that they receive such a reward because they are the ones leading the defense in case another lion tries to appropriate the herd or defend it from some other predator.

There are two types of social organization:

Residents: They live in groups called herds and are usually made up of five females, their offspring (of both sexes) and one or two males known as the coalition as these mate to increase their herd. And they are usually expelled when they reach maturity.

Nomads: move through territories alone or in pairs.

Although a lion can change his lifestyle from a nomad to a resident and vice versa, females tend to have problems, since the other females who are related, reject attempts for others not related to join their family group.

The presence, color and size of your mane is related to your genetic condition, sexual maturity, climate and testosterone production, this means that the darker and denser your mane is the healthier the lion will be and more attractive will be seen for lionesses as you indicate strength and good physical condition.

It can be called the KING OF THE JUNGLE since there is no other predator that confronts it placing it at the top of its food chain since this usually dominates the smallest ones like: cheetahs, leopards, panthers and hyenas, among others, stealing their prey, killing their cubs and even killing adults when the opportunity presents itself.

These other predators hunt at different times of the day to avoid competition and hunting smaller prey, something that lions don't usually do.

Nowadays lions usually live in the east and south of Africa living among savannas, grasslands, areas of many shrubs and wooded areas.

But there is a serious problem. Its population is shrinking rapidly without being fully understood. Due to the loss of their habitat and conflicts with humans.

This can be considered a threat to the species. Thus leaving a mark that could be indelible for both.

You can only be considered and understand that they have their space and that they are also part of this little globe of life called: “PLANET EARTH”

I hope you liked it. Happy day.

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