Is pork fat good for your health?

In the past, there were no different oils that are used today to prepare food. What was most used was lard. But this ingredient gained a bad reputation over time, as it was believed to be harmful to heart health. However, as nutritional studies are always evolving, it is now known that its effect is just the opposite. The real villains are refined vegetable oils.

Does lard have benefits? Yes, lard has its benefits compared to other similar products. See what they are and understand the differences to make good choices: Lard oxidizes less than oil The big difference between lard and refined oil, for example, is that the former is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which means that it is more resistant to heat and does not undergo the same oxidation as refined oils when exposed to high temperatures. This oxidation is harmful to health because it releases inflammatory and toxic components to the body. Even extra-virgin olive oil, considered one of the healthiest oils, does not beat lard when making fries. To be healthier it should be consumed without going to the fire or, at most, in low temperatures.

Good nutritional composition It provides many vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, contains almost no sodium and is free of sugar and trans fat. That is, very natural and healthy. But in order to obtain these benefits it is necessary that you have a high quality lard, that is, pigs raised at home and fed with real food, not with food based on transgenic grains. Offers good quality fat Everyone needs a certain amount of fat in the body, which must be consumed daily, for the proper functioning of the body. But this fat must be of good quality, unsaturated. In lard, about 40% of the fat is saturated, which is not good because it can increase cholesterol. But the remaining percentage is of healthy fats, poly and monounsaturated. Cheap and effective Finally, the pure version from a reliable source is a very cheap and easy-to-find ingredient, which can be used for the most diverse dishes, as it contains no smell or taste.

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Muito bom seu artigo. Eu sempre tive essa dúvida se podia ou no usar a banha de porco. Agora já sei.Grata

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Muito bom saber !Gosto muito de cozinhar, mas estava procurando saber exatamente sobre a banha de porco se é saudavel ou não, pois tenho visto muito nos sacoloes de BH, estamos voltando no tempo de nossas bisavós.

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