Abandoned Maslennikov Factory in Samara, RUSSIA

On a summer evening together with friends we biked to and explored an abandoned structure of the Maslennikov Factory, which is located right on the shoreline of the great Volga river in Samara, Russia.

I cannot find words what we've seen there, so better watch the video!

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02.08.2019 21:42

Abandoned structures transmit such an eerie feeling.
AmA¬°azing contrast with the outer view.
Great choice of music
A horror movie can be shot in that location :)

02.08.2019 23:04

That's looks interesting and as it is completely dark there is a feeling of fear it seems in each room and the corner. But from the looks of the wall, it does not seems to be that much old, maybe abandoned very recently.

Also I think, it is not in an isolated place since a view from the outside door there is a port or a city at not far away and also there is a tower crane in the view which means there is some construction also ongoing

Anyhow, good that you thought about making a video of the visit and post it in steemit. You were ably rewarded for it through curie curation: Cheers.

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03.08.2019 04:58

This would be a perfect place for a horror movie! What a scary building! But the views from there are great :) What was produced in that factory before? When you're inside it looks like there are almost no windows but at the end of the video when you show the building there are plenty of them. Very strange.. but it can only be a feeling that I have as it was so dark there..

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

05.08.2019 13:05