WhatsApp Is A Marketing Tool Not Just A Messaging App

In the past years, there were no phones but landlines which we couldn't take with us when going out or on long journeys. Marketing was a physical thing and so there were bill boards, flyers and all sorts. But with technology and everyday advancement phones became a thing and so did social media. We had Eskimo, 2go, Facebook and when we thought we had seen it all we got WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram and other social media. Although other apps were a gate way to see things happening in different countries and other happenings all around the world, the need for a private place on social media that was reserved for close friends. A place we could share our lives, moments and joy made everyone adopt WhatsApp.

At first we could only change our profile pictures and chat with people but with advancement in technology, WhatsApp was updated to include other features like WhatsApp status giving us the ability to share a lot of our moments at once with our loved ones and others on our contact list. Later we got WhatsApp business, with the ability to upload catalogues about our business and even our business locations. With the rise in more small scale businesses among the youth, the need to find a cheaper form of advertisement and marketing arose and WhatsApp happened to fill the box quite perfectly. Smart business owners realised WhatsApp status allowed us to post whatever we wanted including business catalogues, business hours, prices and updates in our business. It wouldn't affect your private life if you got a separate simcard to use specifically for business without exposing your private life to your customers or strangers.

With WhatsApp business there are added features which even allows you leave a message when someone contacts you and you happen to be offline for any reason. Your catalogue will always be displayed in your profile for easy assess and view, reducing the need to waste data sending pictures of your goods to people who may eventually buy nothing but would give potential customers easy assess to see and decide what they want.

Whatever version of WhatsApp you prefer, just make sure it serves you and your business well. Its sad that some people still don't know how huge a tool WhatsApp is for marketing nowadays especially when you have a lot of contacts. Not just for flaunting your life or luxury but updating potential customers about changes and improvement in your business. Its the private door to customers. One mistake a lot of people make with using WhatsApp as a marketing tool is bombarding your status with pictures. When customers or potential customers start to view your status, the more pictures you post the more they loose interest. It can be really exciting to put it all out there but believe me customers don't like this. Sometimes selecting particular days to post your products is better than posting them all at once everyday, people know what they want and they just need a few basics to direct them to you and ask what exactly they want.

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The good ones of the applications are its great range of use and which allow us to undertake new businesses, to show offer of of articles, offer of work, great diversity of marketing without intermediaries.

26.12.2020 15:01

yep one thing i love about the app

26.12.2020 17:23

Yeah, perfectly written .

WhatsApp has filled a lot of emptiness in people's life. The WhatsApp business as you mentioned has created an easy platform for everyone entrepreneur to advertise their products without having to pay some bloggers like the usual way.

WhatsApp so far is the best interaction discovery.

26.12.2020 16:27

thanks for reading through sir, whatsap have really help lot of business to push sales and will be more useful

26.12.2020 17:24

whatsapp is a fabulous tool when it comes to closing sales, this tool offers a wide range of free possibilities that allows us to develop a business almost on a global scale and now is trying to place a payment grid to facilitate things is certainly an app that over time becomes more indispensable.

27.12.2020 01:22

yes that is true sir, and with this more users are really come to make use of the app

28.12.2020 16:41

Hello friend, interesting publication, I agree when you say that nobody likes to see a state of whatsapp collapsed, particularly I am bored, I prefer to receive a catalog with the products, I think it looks better the presentation of the company. This tool every day scales to better places I believe that it is an excellent application as much of communication as to be able to make marketing.

28.12.2020 03:19

thanks for reading through ma, at times the app can be boring and most people dont really know how to utilize it properly especially when it come to marketing.

28.12.2020 16:49

The internet is occupied with so much opportunities but we need to take a deliberate decision to take advantage of the marketing opportunities wisely.

30.12.2020 19:17