Updating My Tribe Stake


Yippee, it is another weekend already, lot of mission to accomplish and stake. Things week plan really work out, planning on staking some tokens and it was really a success. You know at times, many do wish to have large stake like others, the joy seeing your stake growing everyday. Lolz

My favourite tribe, the neoxian token from the neoxian city. Soon baby dragon won't be a baby anymore, had to stake 3k neoxag, 500+ marlians token, and some sport token. I don't really know what is going on in sport, someone voting weight is just reducing everyday. It saddens most people heart. I hope something will be done to it.

Another plan for another week, I hope this week staking mission will also be a success

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All the tribes voting weights will reduce over time as more tokens are issued, not just Sports tokens. Its just how the token economies work so now worries. just best to be an early adopter! Best wishes and keep building!

27.07.2019 05:45

Ok, I understand now, thanks for making it clear to me

27.07.2019 06:05

You're welcome mate.

27.07.2019 09:09

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27.07.2019 11:06

It is great to be an early adopter. Eventually, the voting weight will decrease as more people join and have tokens. It is applicable to all platform. In some platforms, we can see it fast.

You're doing great! Wish you all the best, @valchiz!

27.07.2019 20:58