Untitled Poetry

I woke up today on the wrong side of the bed
Many thoughts of death, alive in my head
A nigga with dreams sleeping at twenty four
I promise, they ain't like anything you've seen before

So what am I supposed to do with my life
Situations cutting deep in me - like a knife
So tell me where the hell I'm I supposed to go
Your memories are stuck on me like a tattoo

Oh here we go again, dancing in the rain
And I don't wanna feel the cold, so I use my brain
Yeah - what's gonna be, is gonna be, right?
I'm taking it easy - sipping slow like a cup of tea, light

Well I think you know, you know, you know
How I feel about you - so let the wind just blow
It's alright - you have me now, till the sun goes down
Yeah, smile for me -; I don't wanna see you frown

But what I'm supposed to do with my time
I'm still waiting - since yours is worth more than mine
Well you know - you know - you know
All I do - I do it for you - so let it snow.

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23.10.2019 23:08