Triple-A Movie Review: Aedil hai mushkil (2016)


It is another blessed day and it is time to review another movie and this time I will be going into the Bollywood world. One part I love about Bollywood movie, the love. Most Bollywood movie always draw me to them because of that and you know, the dancing and the rest but this particular movie almost make me shed tears at a point, really touching and should I put it this way, little tragedy at the end. So to make it interesting a little bit, I will narrate it in my own way but through a story. So it is movie-story time.

There is this guy who was in love with a particular girl and they quarell on a particular night because of what the girl wear to a party they plan to attend so they guy left and went to a club that particular night and met another lady who also fought with her finance. Have you ever notice a feeling or breeze that occur when you meet someone for the first time, that feelings or should I say connection, yes that is what happens and they connect immediately in one way or the other. From there both introduce their partners to eachother but unfortunately for them, they caught their partner in an awful position, smoothing eachother in the male toilet. That is how they broke up but this particular guy and lady bond increase and they became best of friend. But something happened.

Along the line, the guy fell in love the girl and which to date and marry her but this particular girl was still inlove with her ex from college who left her few years back, this serve as a weakness to her because she couldn't get over it. So one particular day, both of them went on a vacation together and the worst thing happened. This girl met her ex from college, because he was her weakness, she told the other guy (her best friend who love her) to travel back home alone. And later called him, she is ready to marry her ex and live with him. Ayan (the best friend name) live was turned upside down because he couldn't get over her and he met another girl at the airport, a poet who was divorce and both have things together after some month but Ayan couldn't love her the way he love Alizeh (the best friend), he try all his best to have her but couldn't, he invited her over to make her jealous but couldn't, all because he couldn't get over the feeling he have for her.

On Saba part (the poet), she gradually feel in love with Ayan but didn't want to acknowledge it all because she noticed he couldn't love her the way she love Alizeh, so she broke up with him that night Alizeh came over.

Alizeh on her part, regret going back to her ex all because he was her weakness, she actually love Ayan but only want them as friend because that is the best she can offer him, when she couldn't take it anymore, she left and didn't contact anyone for years but before Ayan will locate her back, she was suffering from cancer. I almost cried, and to me, the punishment was too much for her to bear,

  • Her husband is a no go area
  • She couldn't love Ayan the way he want
  • lastly she is now suffering from cancer

What a perfect love story (that could make someone to cry), but what happened next after that,

  • Did Ayan and Alizeh eventually marry just for the short period
  • Did she die and was Ayan forever broken.
  • What was Saba fate.

You need to know the answer to this questions. Download and watch this movie and enjoy the moment.

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Critic: AA

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