Treading Softly And Deep I Speak Without Word

image snapped by me

Melanoid birds on the far - distant mountains
Interpolate and vanish on the Eastern current
While the light sinks lower, upon the Western
Polishing the flowers still lively in the moment

Treading softly and deep I speak without word
Exerted by a powerful spell of the golden light
I follow the breeze staring into the sky upward
The tidal air runs to and fro along my eyesight

Referential and affectionate, like a kiss on lips
I break into a million pieces like a sinking ship
Flashing off with the prodigal bush that whips
A nation of proud blue and green upon my tip

And indeed nothing - is more appealing to me
Within the land of the forgotten seed and dew
Bearers of spark from the empire of the loamy
Scattering through the world a tune of residue

In-depth and forward - gathering and falling
North on the upper reaches of the tallest trees
Triggering my heart spasms, smooth rustling
Wandering home in charm coated like a frieze.

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01.11.2019 22:34