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Gone are those days that you need to start thinking how were you will be traveling to will look like, especially when you are going on a long journey to an unknown place and you have no relative there, you will need to ask for directions and start looking for accommodation. But not anymore because things are now easy to do especially using, you can now know where you are going, reserve accomodation and plan ahead.


What Is All About?

Timbu tends to be an online international travelling agency where you can always make hotel reservations and ready to help customers in making their hotel booking easy. I can still recollect when I went to a meetup somewhere far from me and couldn't return home that everyday, I was almost lost because I didn't schedule my plan or book reservations before embarking on the journey. Thanks God I easily locate a friend in the town who save me that day.

How To Make Use Of Timbu

To explore your world using Timbu, first open your browser and go to Timbu website, then search for your location. Using Nigeria as an example, click this link to navigate to Nigeria location. There you can easily search for hotels and book the one that suit you according to your choice. Timbu is very easy to use and user friendly.


Always remember to use the search button to locate your geographical area and easy location available hotels to book.

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