Things I Hate About You - Movie Review

Been a while I actually create a movie review post of those movies I watched and since am now free, I don't see anything bad in making my blog post more active and joining the review community once again isn't a bad idea. Let get to the main discussion.


At times, things won't go the way we planned or hope for but what really matters is how we handle the situation when things goes wrong. I watch this movie tonight and really learn a lot from it, it is a marriage based movie (how I can classify it). A 3 main character which includes the couple and a marriage counselor who passed through the same plight the couple were facing at that moment. Actually it is a moral thing to be sensitive about what is going on around you but at times reacting in the wrong way might destory a lot of things. This is what actually happened.

The story was about a couple who were in love with each other at first, they do things together and they were really a blessing but things start changing and everywhere looked strange to this lovely couples, how?

On a normal day, the husband do help the wife with the cooking mainly at night because the wife might returned late but suddenly he stopped, was so demanding according to the woman and she started making some conclusion that he was cheating on her based on the informal she received from her friends. So so interesting, have you ever see yourself in a situation whereby you start concluding that your partner is doing some things, he supposed not to do, all because you didn't make the necessary research so you can hold the truth. You know at times third parties do kill a good relationships. Is not everything that is going on in our life we will discuss with a third party or accept every information we receive.

Another important thing is this, always find the time to share with your partner things you know is not right about him or her, keeping silent will make matters worse, it might resemble you keep malice with your partner and that can generate lot of negative conclusion which at times might not be true, in a relationship especially marriage, silence kills and destroy also never lose your partner trust, once there is no trust, there is no love. The wife didn't trust the at a point base on the outside information she received even when her husband was trying his best to explain to her that the woman she was referring to is one of his colleagues at work and also a friend. You know woman are always suspicious especially when they notice you with the same girl for weeks.

Also we should always try to learn from others mistake and make use of it in the positive ways because applying it in the negative way will worsen the situation. In this movie, two situation occurs, one is the housemaid who explain to the wife how she suffered with her husband so they can survive and when things start changing for good, the husband started cheating on her and eventually got married to the other girl, so she took this housemaid situation to heart and conclusion her husband is cheating on her, just imagine.

The second situation is that of the counselor who was invite by someone (guess who) to help solve the couple problem. The counselor currently was regretting from her past actions to her husband who divorce her because she place her career over him, she treat him like no one because the husband didn't have a job and to make the matter worse, she was secretly using contraceptive drug and yet she need a baby. The husband detected and divorce her. The story behind the movie is something every career couples should learn from, not the female alone. Situations might change, things might not work as planned but how you handle the situation matters a lot. I will have to drop my pen right now and we should all watch the movie if we have the chance to do so.

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Critics - AA

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