The Most Painful Thing Is To Lose What You Almost Get


Have been on a game since like a week now since they launched their mainnet game. The game is prospectors, this game is really addictive and can turn someone to be inactive on other social media platforms, the game is all about, renting plot, mining resources like ore, clay, coal and gold which you can sell and receive the in game goal.

Prospectors is a game which was developed on the eos blockchain, and it make use of pgl token which will be converted to the in game gold in a ration of 1pgl : 1000 gold. As long as you have an EOS account, you can play this game. Once you login with your private key, you will receive 3 workers who will work for you. You have to put up ur effort and work so as to succeed in the game. Today I was trying to mine a gold plot worth 32m gold and to my surprise, another player was coming to the plot to rent it, because I didn't have enough rent fee, I quickly went to gather the rent fee and I was surprised when I couldn't rent it because the available worker was already working on the plot.

To cut the story short, I lost the plot, it really pain me so much.

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03.07.2019 22:48