The Market Of Convenience


The world has evolved and it continues to, we had to endure long and boring queues at stores of shops trying to get good clothes or to pay for food items. These days with the click of a button your food can be delivered at your home fresh and clean , same with clothes or even a car. No one wants to stress anymore and that's why most businesses who provide convenience are thriving while those who stuck to the traditional ways of doing things are still where they are. Time and luxury is one thing people are ready to pay for even if it might not be of the best quality.

This is why it is very important as a business owner or an intending entrepreneur that you make your business as convenient as possible because it will have a strong effect on your sales. If they have to go miles or stress just trying to get your cheese filled bread you would loose most of your customers faster than you can spell fast. Top brands like amazon has set the standard and people just expect that even small businesses follow suit. One very simple example is your payment options, limiting people's payment options to just cash or cheque when they can pay with debit cards or even bitcoin. More examples include increasing your line of distributors so your customers can reach your products from a distance closer to them or you could open an online store.

The more convenience your business can offer the more likely people are to patronize you. In the past people's opinions were limited to stores or restaurant closest to them because it was stressful going miles and many other reasons. With the luxury of delivery, people don't mind ordering your Sunday evening special because it's easy and they would still be getting quality. Traditional stores are getting outdated because this generation have grown simple and carefree, why go miles for that beautiful flower that can only be found on the outskirts of town when you can have it delivered with a note to the one you intend it for.

Perhaps you still don't understand how to go about it, it's very simple. You have to put yourself in your customers shoes. What obstacles or troubles do you think they could encounter in the process of patronizing you, see them as game pieces and find ways to knock them off the table. If you can afford it your can pay a business researcher to carry out a research into these obstacles then you can map out plans to eliminate them completely if possible.

While the market of convenience will work for many businesses it still might not work for you. You can't have a coffin delivered to your doorstep right? Neither can you bring an amusement park to your doorstep. So it's really important that you figure if your business can really do convenience even as an entrepreneur.

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And I also think that not only convenience is very important, but also all the added values ​​that you can offer to customers, generally when it is offered beyond the product or the brand, it is much more attractive for the person to be able to sponsor an idea.

13.04.2021 22:51

hello @valchiz ,
this is an excellent article, you know I have a friend who started a food business and he uses WhatsApp to take orders, then he takes the food to his customer's house, his service is so convenient that he accepts coins , he applies very much the concept of convenience market to reach more customers.

15.04.2021 18:46

Hello @valchiz I agree with you, nowadays most companies have to consider this to make shopping easier for their customers, but not all businesses can do it...thanks for sharing!

15.04.2021 20:44