Stress And Production In Business | Are They Really What We Think They Are


Most people think the more stressed you are the more profit you are making, well that doesn't work anymore and I don't believe it ever did. You were just doing things the normal way and producing the normal result. I am sure now you wondering what's wrong with the normal? I am pleased to tell you normal doesn't cut it if you want to make it to the top. I'll liken it to churning articles in large numbers every day, when you constantly stress and put pressure on your brain to produce articles the less valuable articles you churn out. They may seem normal but that's actually all that is to them. Just normal articles with no extraordinary edge or creative touch to them.

Same goes with business, the more stressed you are the less creative and productive you will be in your business. Fine you may think you getting the work done but are you really getting the work done or you simply getting them off your table. This isn't cleverly thought up beliefs but actually facts you haven't been paying attention to.

Another example would be the five days a week work. After the weekend we are all excited, pumped, rejuvenated and we are churning out ideas over and over because our brain has rested from the norms and it can boot more creative ideas. Unlike Wednesday or even Friday when we are all stressed from the 9-5 routine and we just want to get off work. The brain has gone from creative mode to normal and just do it mode.


That's why it's advisable to cut down in trying to do so much but making sure to do better in our activities or business. A lot of companies are starting to realise this and are going from office hours to work hours, 7-8 hours on your tuff and when you want to as long as the job gets done and you turn in the required results. Not just sitting in a cube or an office all day and trying to get things done but you can stay home or in a park, a library or even a cafe better relaxed and do stuffs when you are motivated to do them. Causing a shift in your brains thinking, making it more energized and ready to pump ideas and produce better results.

Motivated actions turn in more creative and productive results than compulsory actions. You just trying to force your brain to produce things and it will, including garbage and junks. Relaxing your thinking faculties so they can produce more creative ideas for business. No one gets a wonderful idea working,but when taking time to relax or taking time off business entirely. Playing a game, reading a book, walking your dog or even spending time with family and friends.

The brain will be better relaxed and you find yourself picking ideas where you never thought you could. That's why its important to take time to rest intermittently and avoid stress for better productivity in business

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