Staking My Neoxian Token For Easy Curation


Wow, another blessings fell on me yesterday all from Neoxian city. As a sharp member which I received during one of the giveaways in the city discord server. We were giving claim drop token inform of Neoxag which can be found on Steem-engine. Now am staking my tokens to be able to curate more neoxian posts. It is a win-win for everyone because it is a 50/50 curation. Users will need to use Neoxian tag so it will show on the neoxian city steemit based platform where it can easily be curated.

Thanks to sir @neoxian (The Dragon himself ) While I am the city baby.

To join the neoxian city, use this discord link

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You are welcome bro

09.07.2019 08:52

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09.07.2019 09:32

I am staked all I received and now staking what I have mined. Everything seems to be going smoothly.

09.07.2019 13:04

I wish I can get some miner too,

09.07.2019 13:25