Splinterlands Card Now Getting Better


After the end of last splinter season, my rank was reduced again according to the system strategy even though I didn't really meet the targeted ranked. Since then I have passed through lot of defeat from various players that I couldn't even rise the 700 rank mark, to be sincere, I was down and I had to quit steem monster for some days so I can gather enough steem before I come back.

After grabbing some steem, I decided to upgrade my cards, first I had to choose a favourite card, the life card, I don't really know why I really love this card, after upgrading, seriously I saw some changes, first time in history, I was among the winners for a tournament lolz, that day I was happy, I first use the fire card and the opponent beat me, so I switched to the life card and defeat him. That was yesterday.

I entered another tournament today which was supposed to start around 5pm today but I couldn't attend it, went on a journey and network happens to disappear around few mins to 5pm, that how I couldn't check in after spending 100 Dec token to enter the tournament. Seriously looking forward to the next tournament I will join. Till then, stay blessed

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